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2021 Oct 1Z0-591 real exam

Q31. What is the first step when creating an Aggregate table in the OBI repository? 

A. Test the Aggregate table by using Analysis 

B. Specify the Fact table that you want to aggregate 

C. Use Job Manager to run the Aggregate script 

D. Create a dedicated Connection Pool 

Answer: B

Q32. When designing a Star Schema, which option does not apply? 

A. The facts are quantifiable. 

B. The fact has several foreign keys that are primary keys in the dimensional table 

C. Fact table is joined to the related dimensional tables. 

D. Dimensional tables are normalized. 

E. Dimensional tables have one attribute primary key as Product_ID for products. 

Answer: D 

Q33. You do not have a physical time table in your database but would like to use the time series functions that OBIEE offers. What two options do you have? 

A. Create a physical time table in your database. 

B. Create aLogical Table that is sourced fromthe time keyin the fact table. 

C. Create an "Opaque View" in the physicallayer that contains the time columns from the fact and map itinto your physical model. 

D. Create a LogicalTable that is sourced from a time field in one of your dimension tables. 

E. Createa time table that is joined through a intervening Table so there is no foreign keyrelationship. 

Answer: AD

Q34. Point-and-click generation of case statement logic can be accessed via which option? 

A. Column Formula-> Bins tab 

B. Compound Layout 

C. Column Properties -> Conditional Format tab 

D. Advanced Tab 

E. Subject Area metrics 

Answer: A

Q35. The Time Dimension hierarchy is a good example of a__________. 

A. Level-basedTime Dimension hierarchy 

B. Ragged Hierarchy 

C. Skip Level Hierarchy 

D. Value-based Hierarchy 

Answer: A

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Q36. There is a logical fact table that contains Item number, store, time, and revenue. How would you add Number of items sold? 

A. By creating a derived measure on the logical columnItem number and using the count Function 

B. By creating a derived measure on the logical column item number and usingthe count distinct function 

C. By creating a derived measure based on the physical column item number and changing theaggregation method to count 

D. By creatinga derived metric by using the Expression Builder 

Answer: C 

Q37. Use of the Enterprise Install option is recommended for which three options? 

A. Multiple instances on a single computer 

B. Scale out for High Availability and Failover 

C. Support for high security requirements 

D. Evaluation of end user functionality 

E. Single users working on a single computer 

Answer: ABC

Q38. Select the correct statement. 

A. Cache provides fast and always up-to-date information. 

B. Cache can increase traffic to back end database. 

C. Cache needs to be purged to refresh data. 

D. Cachecan degrade query performance by reading data from the disk instead of the database. 

E. Cache is seeded by manually running PL/SQL at the back end database. 

Answer: C

Q39. Object Security controls access to Subject Areas, Tables, and Columns in OBIEE and can be implemented by using which method? 

A. Single Sign-On (SSO) 

B. Database Authentication 

C. Business Logic Object Security 

D. External Table Authentication 

E. LDAP Authentication 

Answer: C

Q40. A customer needs to do a cross database join between two tables where, one of the tables has a small number of values and the other has a large number of values. How can you optimize the way the BI Server processes the query? 

A. By specifying a one-to-many join between the tables with the small and largenumbers of values 

B. By specifyingadriving table 

C. By specifying a many to one join between the tables with the small and large numbers of values 

D. By creating your logical join by using theJoins Manager 

E. By creating your joins by using the Business Model Diagram 

Answer: B