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2021 Jun 1Z0-591 rapidshare

Q41. Content that is saved in personal and shared folders can be browsed by using which view? 

A. Catalog 

B. Dashboard 

C. New -> Analysis 

D. Home 

E. Favorites 

Answer: A

Q42. When creating Aggregate tables in the OBI repository by using the Aggregate Persistence Wizard, which two statements are true? 

A. The analyst mustfirstwrite DML (Data Manipulation Language) scriptstocreate the aggregate table. 

B. TheAggregate Persistence Wizard enables youto automate the creation of physical aggregate tables and theircorresponding objects in the repository. 

C. Job Managercanbe used to run the Aggregate Persistence script. 

D. TheExtractionTransformation and Loading process creates the aggregate tables. 

Answer: BC

Q43. Identify the correct mode to use when opening the web catalog while performing security settings modifications and migrations. 

A. Online 

B. Offline 

C. Managed 

D. UnManaged 

Answer: A

Q44. Which two components are required for all OBIEE installations? 

A. Admin Server 

B. RCU Schema 

C. Managed Server 

D. Node Manager 

E. Oracle 11g 

Answer: BE

Q45. There are two aggregate tables that are available for query. How would they be mapped into the logical data model so queries can use them? 

A. By creating two new logical tables sources 

B. By opening the two logical Table Source dialog boxes and mapping the appropriate levels in the Content tab 

C. Both Aand B 

D. By creating one new LogicalTableSource 

Answer: B

Renovate 1Z0-591 test:

Q46. Which three options apply to FMW Application Roles? 

A. Provide an indirection between LDAP groups and BI roles 

B. Can be exported / moved between FMW11g environments 

C. Are created and managed by using the WLS Admin Console and FMW Control 

D. Can be created by using BI Administrator Client and "pushed" to WLS Admin Console 

E. Secures RPD permissions but NOT Web Catalog (webcat) permissions 

Answer: ACE

Q47. A customer frequently queries multiple dimension tables without a measure. What needs to be defined in the presentation layer? 

A. Logical Key 

B. ImplicitFact Column 

C. Alias 

D. Logical Column Name 

E. CustomDisplay Name 

Answer: D 

Q48. What are the two types of Session Variables? 

A. System 

B. Non System 

C. Static 

D. Dynamic 

Answer: AB 

Q49. Which option is used to enter the rank function when creating a new rank measure? 

A. Initialization Block 

B. Expression Builder 

C. Connection Pool 

D. Web Catalog 

Answer: B

Q50. When Exporting an Analysis from a Dashboard, which of the following is NOT an option? 

A. MS Excel 

B. MS Word 



Answer: B