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Q11. OBIEE default security model stores security Information such as user names and password combinations for accessing an external system such as Active Directory. It is stored in the____________. 

A. Policy Store 

B. Credential Store 

C. Identity Store 

D. Person Store 

Answer: C

Q12. How do System Session Variables obtain their values? 

A. They are entered by user input on a dashboard 

B. They are obtained from data fields in the Physical Layer 

C. They are obtained from the Presentation Layer 

D. They are obtained from the Initialization Block 

Answer: D

Q13. A customer would like to create a change and a % Change for Revenue at the same time. How would they accomplish this? 

A. Using theExpression Builder 

B. Using the Calculation Wizard 

C. Defining them in the physical data model 

D. Defining themin the Presentation Layer 

Answer: B

Q14. Identify the reason why Oracle OLAP provides a favorable aggregation strategy. 

A. OLAP cubes eliminate the need for a large number of aggregate tables. 

B. OLAP cubes are stored outside of the database in highly optimized file structures. 

C. OLAP cubes can be easily transported from database to database. 

D. OLAP cubes can be queried by using SQL. 

Answer: D

Q15. Identify the two Object level security functions that are done on the repository by using the BI Admin tool. 

A. Assign users to a webcatalog group 

B. Create a new repository group 

C. Createanew user in the repository 

D. Createaweb catalog group 

E. Define permissions for Dashboard 

Answer: BC

Up to the immediate present 1Z0-591 free exam questions:

Q16. What are the two ways to use the administration tool? 

A. It can be used to manage user password. 

B. The administration tool uses a set of wizards that support the design of calculations, expressions, dimensions, and so on. 

C. It can be used for versioning of the rpd. 

D. Administrator can use repository and session variables in a repository to streamline administrative tasks and dynamically modify metadata content to adjust to a changing data environment. 

Answer: CD

Q17. Which installation option is used to install into an existing Fusion Middleware Home? 

A. Software Only Install 

B. Simple Install 

C. EnterpriseInstall 

D. Cannot installinto an existing Fusion Middleware Home 

Answer: A

Q18. Oracle BI Server at a company is connected to Data Warehouse that is refreshed on a daily basis, the majority of users at the company log in to Oracle BI every Monday to generate the previous week's sales report. The BI Administrator schedules cache purge and cache seeding to improve report response times. How is this accomplished? 

A. Everyday before Data Warehouse refresh 

B. Every day after Data Warehouse refresh 

C. Every Monday early morning 

D. Every Monday late night 

Answer: D

Q19. Which two steps are needed to set up Failover support for an OBIEE deployment? 

A. Use Installer to affect Horizontal scale out of an existing instance 

B. Employ WebLogic Enterprise Edition, licensed separately 

C. Use Installer to set up separate single instances, then apply Horizontal scale out clustering 

D. Apply OBIEE Clustering option 

E. Leverage spare hardware capacity of single machine by using Verticalscale out option 

Answer: AD

Q20. A company's Database Administrator has divided the region table into two tables so that the region "West" is in one table and all the other regions are in another single table. What kind of partition is being used? 

A. Fact-based 

B. Time-based 

C. Mixed 

D. Complex 

Answer: C