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2021 Jul oracle certified professional 1z0-053:

Q431. To enable faster incremental backups, you enabled block change tracking for the database.

Which two statements are true about the block change tracking file? (Choose two.)

A. Multiple change tracking files can be created for a database.

B. The change tracking file must be created after the first level 0 backup.

C. RMAN does not support backup and recovery of the change tracking file.

D. The database clears the change tracking file and starts tracking changes again, after whole database restore and recovery operations.

Answer: CD

Q432. You are managing an Oracle Database 11g database with ASM storage. The ASM disk group has the COMPATIBLE.ASM attribute set to 11.1. Which statements are true regarding extent management and allocation units in the ASM disk group? (Choose all that apply.)

A. The au_size disk group attribute determines the size of allocation units in the disk group.

B. The allocation unit size may vary but the extent size is fixed.

C. The allocation unit size and extent size are fixed for all the disks in a disk group and cannot be changed.

D. Extent management is completely automated.

Answer: AD

Q433. You issue the following command on the RMAN prompt.


Which statement is true about executing this command?

A. It will display a list of files that need incremental backup

B. It will display a list of files that need backup after five days

C. It will display a list of files that were backed up in the last five days

D. It will display a list of files that have not been backed up in the last five days

E. It will apply the current retention policy to determine the files that need to be backed up

Answer: D

Q434. You performed the RMAN database backup having a backupset key number 231 with the KEEP FOREVER option. After some days, you want to change the status of the database backup and you issued the following command:


What is the implication of this command?

A. The backup is deleted.

B. The backup is marked unavailable.

C. The backup overrides the backup retention policy.

D. the backup becomes eligible for deletion according to the existing retention policy

Answer: D

Q435. In Oracle 11g, which recommendations does the SQL Access Advisor generate? (Choose all that apply.)

A. partitioning recommendations

B. statistics collection recommendations

C. index creation recommendations

D. materialized view recommendations

E. materialized view log recommendations

Answer: ACDE

Down to date dumps 1z0-053:

Q436. Which of the following advisors within the Oracle advisory framework will analyze a single SQL statement and make recommendations for performance improvement?

A. SQL Repair Advisor

B. SQL Optimizer

C. SQL Access Advisor

D. SQL Tuning Advisor

Answer: D

Q437. What methods are available to recover lost control files? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Backup control file.

B. Emergency control file.

C. The create controlfile command.

D. The restore controlfile SQL*Plus command.

E. No backup is required. The database will re-create the control file when it is discovered to be lost.

Answer: CD

Q438. In a Database Replay workload capture, what client request information is gathered? (Choose all that apply.)

A. SQL text

B. Shared server requests (Oracle MTS)

C. Bind variable values

D. Information about transactions

E. Remote DESCRIBE and COMMIT operations

Answer: ACD

Q439. Which of the following are valid program types for a lightweight job? (Choose all that apply.)






Answer: AD

Q440. View the Exhibit and note the contents of V$DIAG_INFO. Which statement is true about the ADR?


A. The text alert log file will be available in Diag Trace

B. A copy alert log file will be kept in Diag Incident for every incident.

C. The XML version of the alert log file will be available in Diag Trace.

D. An Automatic Database Diagnostic Management (ADDM) report is generated and stored in the Health Monitor whenever an incident occurs.

Answer: A