Exam Code: 1Z0-879 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator Certified Professional Upgrade Exam
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 Jul 1Z0-879 exam guide

Q101. Given: 

# svcadm milestone -d svc:/milestone/multi-user:default 

Which two services do NOT start automatically? (Choose two.) 

A. the /etc/rc2_d/S99dtlogin service 

B. the /etc/rc2_d/S10lu service 

C. the /etc/rc3_d/S84appserv service 

D. the /etc/rc2_d/S90wbem service 

E. the /etc/rc3_d/S90samba service 

Answer: C,E 

Q102. A server has new disks added and labeled by the engineer, but they need to be formatted identically to an existing disk (c3t0d0). You decide to script the process and run from the command line without interaction. 

Which two commands, when used in the correct order, achieve this? (Choose two.) 

A. prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c3t0d0s2 > /tmp/c3t0d0.vtoc 

B. fmthard -s /tmp/c3t0d0.vtoc /dev/rdsk/<newdisk>s2 

C. format c3t0d0 

D. format c3t0d0 <newdisk> 

E. cat /tmp/c3t0d0.vtoc >/dev/rdsk/<newdisk>s0 

Answer: A,B 

Q103. You have an x86-based system with a monitor, but want to install Solaris 10 OS in text mode. Which is the correct procedure to do the interactive text installation? 

A. boot from the CD-ROM using the b -no_text mode 

B. create a Device Configuration Assistant diskette; 

set the system BIOS to boot from the diskette drive; 

boot from the diskette; 

insert the Solaris Installation CD 1 or the DVD into the drive; 

select choice #1 (Solaris Interactive) from the installation selection screen 

C. execute boot cdrom -text 

D. set the system BIOS to boot from the CD-ROM or DVD drive; 

insert the Solaris Installation CD1 or the DVD into the drive; boot from the CD-ROM or DVD drive; 

select choice #4 (Console session) from the installation selection screen 

Answer: D 

Q104. On a SPARC based system two device aliases named bootdisk01 and bootdisk02 have been created. These aliases allow the boot system to boot from two different disks, and currently bootdisk01 is used by default. Which Solaris command amends the boot-device parameter to cause the system to boot from bootdisk02 by default? 

A. eeprom boot-device=bootdisk02 

B. eeprom boot-device bootdisk02 

C. setenv boot-device=bootdisk02 

D. setenv boot-device bootdisk02 

Answer: A 

Q105. If the automounter is used, which client file no longer needs to be updated to allow the automatic mounting of NFS resources upon reboot of the client? 

A. /etc/vfstab 

B. /etc/default/fs 

C. /etc/dfs/dfstab 

D. /etc/dfs/fstypes 

E. /etc/dfs/sharetab 

Answer: A 


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Q106. You need to update a existing BE with the files from you currently running BE so that you can upgrade the existing BE. Which command this? 

A. lucreate 

B. lumake 

C. lucurc 

D. luupgrade 

Answer: B 

Q107. Click the Exhibit button. 

The df -F ufs -k command on your Solaris system gives the output shown in the exhibit. A backup of the / (root) file system without bringing the system to single-user mode or unmounting the / (root) file system is required. Which command will ensure a successful backup of the / (root) file system to the /dev/rmt/0 tape device, regardless of activity on that file system? 

A. ufsdump -s 0uf /dev/rmt/0 / 

B. ufsdump 0uf /dev/rmt/0 `fssnap -o bs=/opt, raw /` 

C. ufsdump 0uf /dev/rmt/0 `snapfs -o bs=/var/tmp /` 

D. ufsdump 0uf /dev/rmt/0 `snapfs -o bs=/export, raw /` 

E. ufsdump 0uf /dev/rmt/0 `fssnap -o bs=/var/tmp, raw /` 

Answer: B 

Q108. Given this output from the who(1) command: 

$ who 

ann console Jan 27 07:25 

dave pts/8 Jan 24 15:11 (:0.0) 

fred term/a Jan 27 08:00 

lisa pts/6 Jan 27 08:28 (physical) 

Which two users are physically connected to the system? (Choose two.) 

A. Lisa 

B. Dave 

C. Fred 

D. Ann 

Answer: C,D 

Q109. Your company has multiple sites and has decided to use WAN boot installations using the current infrastructure. Which two actions protect the integrity of the installation? (Choose two.) 

A. Install from a Flash archive. 

B. Use private keys to authenticate and encrypt data. 

C. Install from an anonymous ftp server. 

D. Configure digital certificates and transmit the installation data and files over a secure HTTP connection. 

Answer: B,D 

Q110. You are the system administrator and the IT manager asks you to attach a new boot disk to a SPARC-based development system. This allows the server to have both a Solaris 9 OS system disk and a Solaris 10 OS system disk. You bring the system to run level 0 and attach a single external SCSI disk to the workstation. After power cycling the workstation to the ok prompt, the new disk is presented as /pci@1f, 0/pci@1/pci@1/SUNW, isptwo@4/sd2, 0. Which FORTH Monitor command creates a new permanent device alias called S10disk? 

A. nvalias /pci@1f, 0/pci@1/pci@1/SUNW, isptwo@4/sd@2, 0 S10disk 

B. nvalias S10disk /pci@1f, 0/pci@1/pci@1/SUNW, isptwo@4/sd@2, 0 

C. devalias /pci@1f, 0/pci@1/pci@1/SUNW, isptwo@4/sd@2, 0 S10disk 

D. devalias S10disk /pci@1f, 0/pci@1/pci@1/SUNW, isptwo@4/sd@2, 0 

Answer: B