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2021 Jun 1Z0-516 exam question

Q311. You are at a client site that has thousands of suppliers in their current legacy system that will end up in the Oracle Production system. Before conversion, you must perform a supplier cleanup on these numerous names and sites. Which three naming conventions would you use for "Best Practices" during the supplier cleanup? (Choose three.) 

A. Use Last Name, First Name to identify employees as suppliers. 

B. Create some supplier names in uppercase and others in mixed case. 

C. Use abbreviations in the supplier name even it is not abbreviated on the invoice. 

D. Remove all punctuation marks (commas, periods, and so on) from the supplier name. 

E. Use the exact spelling of a supplier name as it appears on the invoice for the naming convention. 

Answer: ADE

Q312. There are many fields with important data displayed on the main page of the Payables Overview window. Which three fields do NOT appear in the Payables Overview main window? (Choose three.) 

A. Terms 

B. Paygroup 

C. Trading Partner 

D. Settlement Date 

E. Remit-To Bank Account Name 

Answer: ABE

Q313. Identify three correct statements regarding Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. (Choose three.) 

A. Can run entirely on the Internet 

B. A minimum of two modules needs to be implemented for an organization 

C. Is engineered to work as an integrated system on a single IT infrastructure 

D. Supports multidirectional flows of business information within an organization 

Answer: ACD

Q314. An activity in a workflow process can be a _____. 

A. Notification or a subprocess, but not a PL/SQL function 

B. Subprocess or a PL/SQL function, but not a notification 

C. PL/SQL function or a notification, but not a subprocess 

D. PL/SQL function, a notification, a subprocess, or a business event 

E. PL/SQL function, a subprocess, or a business event, but not a notification 

Answer: D

Q315. Paul wants to log in to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. Identify the first server to which his request would go. 

A. Web Server 

B. Reports Server 

C. Administration Server 

D. Concurrent Processing Server 

Answer: A

Improved 1Z0-516 exam guide:

Q316. To achieve the maximum summary account functionality for total (T), how must the value sets for each segment of the accounting key flexfield be set? 

A. Precision must be set to one. 

B. The list type must be set to long list of values. 

C. The maximum size of each segment of the accounting key flexfield must be five characters. 

D. The format type must be set to character, and the additional option of numbers only must not be selected. 

Answer: D

Q317. Identify three ways in which subledgers transfer information to General Ledger. (Choose three.) 

A. balances 

B. batch transfer 

C. detail journals 

D. line-level records 

E. summary journals 

Answer: BCE

Q318. Customer reason codes can be used to assist in automatic claim creation in Receivables. 

Customer reason code mappings are assigned in _____. 

A. Payables 

B. Receivables 

C. Cash Management 

D. Trade Management 

E. Order Management 

F. Subledger Accounting 

Answer: D

Q319. ABC Enterprise has operations in the US (East), the US (West), the US (North), and the US (South). The US (North) and the US (East) divisions want to have budgetary controls. The US (West) wants to have journal approvals. ABC Enterprise reports to its parent company in the UK and the reporting currency is GBP. The scope of implementation is for the US operations. The currency, chart of accounts, and calendar are the same for all operations. Identify the number of legal entities and primary ledgers that must be created. 

A. 1 and 3 

B. 1 and 4 

C. 2 and 3 

D. 1 and 2 

Answer: A

Q320. Identify three statements that are true for creating the withholding tax for standard, recurring, and prepayment invoices. (Choose three.) 

A. The Withholding Tax Report is prepared by suppliers. 

B. The Withholding Tax Group defaults in from the supplier or supplier site. 

C. There can be multiple withholding tax codes with multiple tax authorities assigned to a group. 

D. You can set up a special calendar to define periods that Payables uses for automatic withholding tax. 

E. The Withholding Tax Invoice Description field does NOT include the invoice that the withholding tax invoice is associated with. 

Answer: BCD