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2021 Dec 1Z0-516 dumps

Q161. Which three statements are true about the revaluation process? (Choose three.) 

A. Revaluation calculates the differences between the current cumulative functional currency balance of the foreign transactions and the revalued functional currency balance calculated using the revaluation rate. 

B. The revaluation process revalues the foreign currency portion of the account balances using the revaluation rate defined in the Period Rates table. 

C. The revaluation process should be executed after the transaction process has completed. 

D. You must post the revaluation journal entries. 

Answer: ABD

Q162. ABC Corp. requires that all invoices are matched to both a purchase order and a receipt. Invoice tolerances are set to zero. A standard purchase order is entered for consulting services. An invoice is entered and matched against a purchase order. The total invoice amount matches the distribution amount. When the steps to prepare the invoice for payment are completed, the invoice is placed on hold. The company's business policy states that all holds cannot be manually released. To pay the supplier, identify the step to be completed to remove the hold and be eligible for payment. 

A. Inspection is required because it is a three-way match. 

B. Manually release the hold because it is not a system hold. 

C. The service must be received in Purchasing because three-way matching is required. 

D. The service must be received in Accounts Payable because it is a purchase order for a service and not a commodity or item. 

E. Change the invoice tolerances in the Payables Options form to be greater than zero, so that the invoice does not go on hold again. 

Answer: C

Q163. Which tier is responsible for holding logic that supports and manages the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Application components? 

A. Database Tier 

B. Application Tier 

C. Technology Layer 

D. Desktop/Client Tier 

E. Application Tier and Database Tier 

Answer: B

Q164. ABC Enterprise wants to achieve processing efficiencies in its accounts closing cycle. It has multiple ledgers and needs to summarize balances across ledgers. ABC Enterprise is security conscious and wants to restrict user access on ledgers. All its ledgers share the same chart of accounts and accounting calendar or period-type combination. Identify which functionality of Oracle General Ledger serves the need of ABC Enterprise. 

A. Ledgers 

B. Ledger sets 

C. Consolidation 

D. Data access sets 

E. Balance transfers 

Answer: B

Q165. Your client wants to import paid invoices from its legacy system to Oracle Receivables. It does not want to post the paid invoices to GL or update the customer balances. How would you import invoices in this scenario? 

A. Create a transaction source and set the status to Inactive. 

B. Create a transaction source with the GL Date in a Closed Period box set to Adjust. 

C. Assign a transaction type with no values for the receivable and revenue accounts. 

D. Assign a transaction type with the Open Receivable and Post to GL boxes deselected. 

Answer: D

Up to the minute 1Z0-516 question:

Q166. ABC Corp. is in the business of manufacturing laptops. They run marketing campaigns to attract and secure orders, and then produce a forecast based on the sales order history. Identify the two business flows in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 that meet their requirements. (Choose two.) 

A. Order to Cash 

B. Forecast to Plan 

C. Demand to Build 

D. Campaign to Order 

E. Contract to Renewal 

Answer: BD

Q167. Identify the profile option that is required to enable Multi-Org Access Control for multiple Operating Units. 

A. HR: User Type 

B. MO: Operating Unit 

C. MO: Security Profile 

D. HR: Business Group 

E. MO: Default Operating Unit 

Answer: C

Q168. Which four products in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 require a Multi-Org setup? (Choose four.) 

A. Payables 

B. Purchasing 

C. Receivables 

D. General Ledger 

E. Order Management 

Answer: ABCE

Q169. Identify four purposes for which the Special Calendar is used. (Choose four.) 

A. payment terms 

B. recurring invoices 

C. Key Indicators Report 

D. automatic tax withholding 

E. opening and closing payables periods 

F. controlling the number of future periods 

Answer: ABCD

Q170. After creating a number of Financial Statement Generator reports, ABC Company wants a list of the definitions for one specific account. Identify the report that would provide this information. 

A. FSG Attribute Listing 

B. FSG Where Used Report 

C. FSG Report Detail Listing 

D. FSG Content Set Detail Listing 

E. FSG Content Summary Listing 

Answer: B