The particular Oracle professionals have the potential to get a specialist inside it area should also get to the peak regarding ability and also good results, so that they must take part in various Oracle accreditation tests. Oracle 1Z0-516 known as Oracle EBS R12.1 General Ledger Essentials will be stepping-stone to check the candidates understanding and also ability inside a appropriate area at work. Exambible Oracle 1Z0-516 on the web practice checks can guarantee that you are able to manage those highly trained and also skilled operates. The 1Z0-516 practice test contains the genuine answers and questions, guaranteeing an individual pass the true 1Z0-516 test along with leading levels.

2021 Jun 1Z0-516 testing engine

Q1. Identify the Receivables activity type where you are unable to select the tax rate code source option of invoice. 

A. Adjustment 

B. Earned discount 

C. Unearned discount 

D. Miscellaneous cash 

Answer: D

Q2. You need to verify that your system has enough resources to handle the volume of accounts that would be generated by the summary account template. The template has been designed as follows: 


The first segment is company, which has ten values. 

The second segment is division, which is represented by the rollup group region. It has six parent values. The last segment is account, which has 500 values. 

How many summary accounts would be generated by the template? 

A. 60 

B. 500 

C. 3,000 

D. 5,000 

E. 30,000 

Answer: E

Q3. Identify three correct statements for defining a Value Set. (Choose three.) 

A. Specify format validations. 

B. Specify Value Set attributes for a new Value Set. 

C. Always specify a minimum value in format validation. 

D. Use predefined Value Sets if they serve your purpose. 

E. The format validation need not be specified for a Dependent Value Set. 

Answer: ABD

Q4. Revenue accounts can be viewed only by the head of the Finance team, who has a GL Superuser responsibility. She has successfully created a standard Profit and Loss statement for the company. Another member of the department with a General Ledger Supervisor responsibility has been asked to run the standard Profit and Loss statement for Feb-06. The report shows only the expenses accounts. Which two steps should she perform so that the Profit and Loss statement will run successfully? (Choose two.) 

A. Ask to have security removed from her responsibility. 

B. Ask to have the profile option FSG: Enforce Segment Value Security changed to No. 

C. Recreate the Profit and Loss under her own responsibility. 

D. Perform an on-line inquiry to get the revenue balances. 

Answer: AB

Q5. Identify two Descriptive Flexfield components whose values are used to determine Contexts. (Choose two.) 

A. The Context field 

B. Global Segments 

C. The Reference field 

D. Context-sensitive Segments 

Answer: AC

Regenerate 1Z0-516 real exam:

Q6. A user has been assigned with five Operating Units in his or her security profile. The user transacts in three of those Operating Units, the remaining two are used occasionally. The user can limit the list of values available to the three Operating Units by _____. 

A. Setting the preferred Operating Units in user preferences 

B. Setting the values for the MO: Operating Unit at the user level profile option 

C. Setting the values for the MO: Default Operating Units at the user level profile option 

D. Requesting the system administrator, to update the Operating Units in the security profile 

E. Requesting the system administrator to set up MO: Default Operating Unit for the responsibility 

Answer: A

Q7. A Global Single Instance (GSI) provides the global enterprise with a single, complete data model. Identify three features in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 that support a GSI. (Choose three.) 

A. Maintenance of third-party applications 

B. Automation of standardized documents and audit processes 

C. Decentralization of operations by regions, divisions, or processes 

D. Consolidation of data centers and lowering administrative overhead 

E. Capture of statutory and customary local requirements in the same database 

Answer: BDE

Q8., the GL accountant, says that he has heard about the budget upload functionality of Oracle GL and he is eager to test it. She is unable to test it in the CRP instance. What is your explanation? 

A. The budget can be uploaded. 

B. The budget dates in the budget organization have a different date range. 

C. The GL account code combination is not valid. 

D. Budget journals are required at the set of books level 

E. The GL period is closed. 

Answer: D

Q9. You have logged in to the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 instance and accessed your worklist. You see four FYI notifications in your default Worklist view. You opened the first notification and clicked the "OK" button after reviewing the content. Identify three things that can happen after you return to your worklist. (Choose three.) 

A. You see four notifications in your worklist. 

B. You see three notifications in your worklist. 

C. Status of the first notification has been updated to "Delete." 

D. Status of the first notification has been updated to "Closed." 

E. You can view the first notification by choosing the "All Notifications" view from your worklist. 

F. You can view the first notification by choosing the "FYI Notifications" view from your worklist. 

Answer: BDE

Q10. You are implementing Oracle General Ledger at a site. is based in the US but has a presence in many countries worldwide, and has transactions in multiple currencies. The implementation team decides that GL multi currency setup will be part of the implementation. John, a junior consultant helping you in the implementation effort, comes to you and says that he is testing the system and entering journals in US dollars, yen and euros. He says that he is able to enter the journals in US dollars and euros, but cannot enter the journals in Japanese yen. What possible explanation can you provide to John for this? 

A. Workflow needs to be customized for journals to be entered in yen. 

B. Yen currency has not been enabled. 

C. Daily rates have not been entered for yen. 

D. Rate types have not been defined for yen. 

Answer: B