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2021 Sep 1Z0-516 exam

Q211. Select four key system options in Oracle Receivables that are related to customers. (Choose four.) 

A. Default country 

B. Receipt method 

C. Automatic site numbering 

D. Create reciprocal customer 

E. Customer credit classification 

F. Automatic customer numbering 

G. Allow payment of unrelated transactions 

Answer: CDFG

Q212. ABC Systems is headquartered in Toronto with a branch in New Delhi. The Toronto office uses a weekly calendar, whereas the New Delhi office uses a monthly calendar. The GL journals of New Delhi must be reflected in Toronto's books. What conversion method would you use? 

A. Use journal-level secondary ledger conversion. 

B. Use subledger-level secondary ledger conversion. 

C. Use adjustment-level secondary ledger conversion. 

D. Use both subledger-level and adjustment-level secondary ledger conversion. 

Answer: A

Q213. wants to ensure that no changes are made to unposted journals that come in from their subledgers. At which setup can you control this? 

A. journal approval 

B. journal categories 

C. set of books 

D. journal sources 

E. This is not possible, because changes can be made before posting. 

Answer: D

Q214. ABC Inc. added a new Operating Unit to its existing Multi-Org Access-enabled responsibility. When users logged in using their existing responsibility, they could not see the new Operating Unit in the list of values. What could be the cause? 

A. Security List Maintenance was not run. 

B. The Set MO: Operating Unit profile was not defined. 

C. The Set Multi-Org Preferences profile was not defined. 

D. The Set MO: Default Operating Unit profile was not defined. 

E. The Set MO: Security profile was not defined for the responsibility. 

Answer: A

Q215. AB Company in the United Kingdom is a subsidiary of ABC Company in the United States. The majority of transactions done by AB Company are entered in GBP. At the end of the year, AB Company restates all its ledgers or balances to report at the headquarters in the US. What is this process called? 

A. Revaluation 

B. Translation 

C. Conversion 

D. Observation 

E. Alteration 

Answer: B

Far out 1Z0-516 test:

Q216. When you change a summary account template funds check level from None to Advisory or Absolute, you need to _____. 

A. delete the original template and then recreate it for the appropriate funds check level 

B. complete the required data on the template for the new funds check level 

C. do nothing else; no additional work is needed 

D. change the time period on the template to Earliest Period to identify the begin date of the new funds check level 

Answer: A

Q217. What two types of access do you need to be able to run year-end closing journals for all legal entities? (Choose two.) 

A. Read-only access to the ledgers 

B. Full ledger data access set type that provides read and write access to the ledger 

C. Read and write access to some of its balancing segment values and management segment values 

D. The balancing segment value data access set type that provides read and write access to all balancing segment values for a ledger by selecting the all values check box 

Answer: BD

Q218. After creating two new customers, ABC and XYZ, you create and complete an invoice for $105 ($100 plus $5 tax) for customer ABC. You print the invoice and realize that you should have created the invoice for customer XYZ and not for customer ABC. The accounting for the transaction is posted to the General Ledger (GL). Which is the best option to correct the situation? 

A. Create an adjustment to the invoice for the entire amount, and then create a negative adjustment to the account of XYZ. 

B. Create an on-account credit memo for $105 for ABC. Apply the on-account credit memo to the invoice. Enter and complete the invoice for XYZ. 

C. Change the status of the invoice to incomplete. Change the transaction type of the invoice to a transaction type that has class equal to credit memo. Complete the invoice. Enter and complete the invoice for XYZ. 

D. From the Navigator, select Transactions > Credit Transactions. The Credit Transactions form is displayed; choose your transaction. Click the Credit Balance button, save your work, and then click the Complete button. Enter and complete the invoice for XYZ. 

Answer: D

Q219. The customer service department identified an order that was shipped and not invoiced. Identify four potential causes for this occurring. (Choose four.) 

A. AutoInvoice was not run. 

B. The invoice lacks an accounting rule. 

C. An AutoInvoice validation error exists. 

D. Order Management workflow is stuck. 

E. The order line has a back order credit hold. 

Answer: ACDE

Q220. You have just opened the Transactions form. Which field would you see on this form? 

A. Company 

B. Legal entity 

C. Cost center 

D. Operating unit 

Answer: B