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Q471. Identify four interface tables that are available in Oracle Payables. (Choose four.) 

A. Payables Open Interface 

B. Suppliers Open Interface 

C. Payables PCard Interface 

D. Payables Payments Interface 

E. Payables PO Matching Interface 

F. Payables Invoice Open Interface 

Answer: ABCE

Q472. Which three statements are true about AutoAccounting? (Choose three.) 

A. You define AutoAccounting before you enter transactions in Receivables. 

B. AutoAccounting does not allow you to override default accounts in the Transactions Distribution window. 

C. AutoAccounting allows you to flexibly define the default account mapping for each segment in your chart of account structure. 

D. AutoAccounting is used to determine default general ledger accounts for manual invoices and for invoices created by AutoInvoice. 

Answer: ACD

Q473. The Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 architecture supports multiple languages. Which three statements support the user's ability to successfully enter and view data in his or her specified language. (Choose three.) 

A. Character sets and fonts must be available on the middle tier. 

B. Language support must be available on the desktop client tier. 

C. Character sets and fonts must be available on the database tier. 

D. The character set of the browser is set by Oracle Applications for each session. 

E. The desktop browser must support character set and language-specific capabilities. 

F. The responsibility profile option values provide the default National Language Support (NLS) settings for all end users. 

Answer: BDE

Q474. The Consolidation Workbench enables you to _____, _____, and _____. (Choose three.) 

A. access the State Controller 

B. create consolidations sets, which launch multiple consolidations in a single step 

C. create multilevel hierarchies, which you can view using the graphical Consolidation Hierarchy Viewer 

D. change the chart of accounts 

Answer: ABC

Q475. What does the concurrent program Automatic Reversal do? (Choose two.) 

A. Generates reversals for all journals in a date range 

B. Generates reversals for the journal batches that you specify 

C. Generates reversal journals for all journal categories that have AutoReverse enabled 

D. Generates and posts reversal journals if the journal reversal criteria has the AutoReverse and AutoPost reversals enabled for the category 

Answer: CD

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Q476. Which three statements are true about accounting rules? (Choose three.) 

A. Accounting rules enable you to defer revenue. 

B. Accounting rules enable you to define fixed and variable rules to recognize revenue. 

C. Accounting rules enable you to define the number of periods and percentage of total revenue that you can record in each accounting period. 

D. Accounting rules enable you to define the number of periods and amount of invoice that you can bill your customer in each accounting period. 

Answer: ABC

Q477. Sam, the CFO of XYZ Company, finds that in the expenditure budget of the current year, there are many funds available in the stationery account, whereas there is not much amount left for employee travel expenses. Sam instructs the budget analyst John to transfer 80% of the stationery account to the travel expenses account. While transferring the amount, John encountered errors and approached Sam for a resolution. Sam reviews the situation and clarifies it to John. Choose what Sam would have explained to John. 

A. There must be some budgetary control enabled on the travel expenses, and a transfer can be made only after a funds check. 

B. There must be some budgetary control enabled on the stationery account, and a transfer can be made only after a funds check. 

C. There must be some budgetary control enabled on the stationery and travel expenses accounts, and a transfer can be made only after a funds check. 

D. It is not possible to transfer amount from one account to another unless the absolute amount is known. So John should have calculated 80% of the stationery account and then tried to make the transfer. 

Answer: B

Q478. Select two steps that are NOT elements of creating a Financial Statement Generator (FSG) report in Oracle General Ledger (Choose two.) 

A. Attach the fiscal calendar. 

B. Define rows and columns. 

C. Build a report by using rows and columns. 

D. Specify the default ledger for ledger sets. 

E. Determine which rows and columns make up your report. 

Answer: AD

Q479. Identify four components that are part of the Oracle Application Technology Layer. (Choose four.) 

A. OA Framework 

B. Common Modules 

C. Application Utilities 

D. Application Object Library 

E. Application Responsibilities 

F. Application System Administration 

Answer: ABCD

Q480. Identify three statements that are true for supplier's bank details. (Choose three.) 

A. Suppliers maintain their bank details. 

B. Bank details are required only for manual check payments. 

C. Bank accounts can be added at any time for a supplier or supplier site. 

D. Payables uses bank account information to generate an electronic payment for a supplier. 

E. Updating bank accounts for a supplier will not affect bank accounts for existing supplier sites. 

Answer: CDE