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2021 Jun 1Z0-102 exam question

Q61. Which four tasks are required to use database persistence for JMS messages?

A. Assign a data source to a JDBC store.

B. Configure a data source's delivery mode.

C. Assign a JDBC store to a JMS server.

D. Create a JDBC data source.

E. Disable a server's file store.

F. Create a JDBC store.

Answer: ACDF

Q62. Which three statements are true about the Node Manager?

A. The Node Manager can restart the Managed Serves that have failed.

B. The Node Manager should be run as either a daemon or a service so that if the host computer is rebooted, the Node Manager will also be automatically started.

C. The Node Manager runs on a different host from the Managed Server it is controlling.

D. The Node Manager can start a Managed Server the first time the Managed Server starts if the Administration Server is unavailable because MSI mode is enabled by default.

E. The Node Manager allows you to start Managed Servers from the administration console.

Answer: ABE

Q63. View the Exhibit.

You previously deployed an application but later decide to change various configuration parameters, such as timeouts. You access the application's Configuration tab in the console and make your configurations, as shown in the Exhibit.

In which file does WebLogic record these modifications?

A. config.xml

B. weblogic.xml

C. Application.xml

D. Plan.xml

Answer: B

Q64. Which three statements are true about the administration console?

A. The administration console cannot be disabled.

B. The context path of the administration console may be changed.

C. The administration console may be extended.

D. If a domain is in Development Mode, the administration console no longer requires an administration-level user when logging in.

E. If a domain is in Production Mode, access to the administration console must be made through secure port.

F. If the domain's Administration Port is enabled, access to the administration console must be made only through that port.

Answer: BCD

Q65. When creating a new Managed Server using the administration console, which two points must be considered?

A. The Server Name must be unique within the domain.

B. After you assign a Listen Port value for the server, you cannot change it

C. The Listen Port value must be unique for ever server.

D. The Server Name cannot be changed after you have created the server.

Answer: AD

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Q66. Which three tasks are required to use JDBC session persistence for a web application?

A. Enable automatic migration on each server.

B. Create the session database table.

C. Configure SSL on each server.

D. Edit the weblogic.xml descriptor.

E. Create a multi data source.

F. Create a JDBC data source.

Answer: BDF

Q67. When a typical application utilizes a JDBC data source, the process involves several steps.

Identify three of these steps.

A. The application returns the connection to the data source.

B. The applicationlooks up the data source using the JNDI name.

C. The application tests the connection to verify the database's availability.

D. The application adds a now connection to the data source if none are available.

E. The application requests a connection from the data source.

Answer: BCE

Q68. Which two statements are true about multicast communication within a cluster?

A. Multicast can be used for cluster heartbeat messages.

B. Multicast is used to replicate session state between servers.

C. Multiple clusters can share the same multicast address and port.

D. You may disable multicast on individual cluster members.

E. Multicast traffic is often limited to a single subnet.

Answer: AE

Q69. Within your data center, the Administration and Managed Servers utilize a shared, central storage device, which server's access via NFS.

In this scenario, your application files no longer need to be copied to servers across the network. Which server attribute allows you to override this behavior?

A. Startup Mode

B. Staging Mode

C. Root Directory

D. Listen Address

Answer: B

Q70. Indentify two attributes of a JMS server.

A. Target

B. Persistent Store

C. Destination

D. Connection Factory

E. Store and Forward

Answer: AB