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2021 Jun 1Z0-102 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. Which three statements are true about WebLogic users and groups?

A. A user is associated with a single security provider.

B. A user can be a member of several groups.

C. A group can contain other groups.

D. A group consists of a name and a password.

E. Agroup is associated with multiple security providers.

F. Both users and groups are assigned a keystore.

Answer: BCE

Q2. An application fails. The exception indicates that the JDBC data source, jdbc-hr.HRDS, cannot be found. Identify two possible steps that you can perform to verify the data source's availability.

A. Launch the JDBCDiagnostics utility.

B. Verify the Targets attribute of the application.

C. Verify the Dependencies attribute of the data source.

D. Verify the target server's JNDI tree in the console.

E. Verify the Target attribute of the data source.

Answer: DE

Q3. You run the following WLST script and it completes successfully. Which statement best describes what the script created?

A. A CMO named myserver with the listen address and port 8008

B. A Managed Server named myserver with the listen address and port 7001

C. A Managed Server named myserver with listen address and port 8008

D. An Administration Server named myserver with the listen address and port 8008

Answer: C

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Q4. A web application called sales was deployed and is currently "Active". It is targeted to managed1 and managed2. The developers have given you an upload WAR file and you have replaced the original WAR file with it. From the directory where the WAR file resides, you run the following weblogic.Deployer command:

java weblogic.Deployer ­adminurl t3:// weblogic ­password welcom1 ­name sales ­redeploy

Which statement best describes what happens?

A. The command fails because no target was specified.

B. The application is deployed to the Administration Server because no target was specified.

C. The application is deployed to whichever server is running at

D. The application is deployed to managed1 and managed2 because that is where it is currently targeted.

Answer: D

Q5. You are installing Oracle WebLogic Server 11g for some new developers in the department. They have asked for a very generic installation for development and want you to ensure that the "MedRec" sample domain is included. What should you do to accomplish this?

A. Select the typical installation because the "MedRec" sample domain is included in it.

B. You won't be able to do this, because all the samples were removed from the installer after 10g.

C. Select the custom installation and select Server Examples.

D. After installation, create a sample domain named "MedRec" by using the Configuration Wizard.

Answer: C

Q6. Identify three options for Keystores in a server's configuration.

A. Demo Identity and Demo Trust

B. Demo Identity and Java Standard Trust

C. Java Standard Identity and Custom Trust

D. Custom Identity and Demo Trust

E. Custom Identity and Custom Trust

F. Custom Identity and Command Line Trust

Answer: ABE

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Q7. Which three statements are true about the Change Center in administration console?

A. The Change Center has alink to view the changes made so far.

B. The Change Center is available only in a Production Mode domain.

C. The Change Center has a link to view any servers that need to be restarted.

D. After activating the changes to a server's configuration, you must always restart that server.

E. In a Development Mode domain, the configuration lock can be acquired automatically.

F. Changes must always be activated before they can be undone.

Answer: ACF

Q8. You deployed a simple web application WAR by using the administration console. Its state is currently "Active."

In the administration console, under Configuration of the application, you change some deployment descriptor values.

What happens when you save such changes?

A. The changes are in memory and temporary

B. This is not possible because changes cannot be made to an "Active" application.

C. You are prompted to select a location for a new deployment plan where the changes will be stored.

D. Thearchive is opened and new versions of the deployment descriptors are placed within it.

Answer: C

Q9. Identify two reasons for defining machines and assigning servers to them in Weblogic Server.

A. Amachine can be the proxy to a cluster.

B. A machine definition is required to configure the Node Manager.

C. To reference an instance of WebLogic Server, you must know its machine and port.

D. Machine is a required organizational unit. A domain contains machines and machines contain servers.

E. WebLogic Server uses server machine assignments to help it choose servers in a cluster on which to replicate session state.

F. The machine's Cluster Weight attribute may be used by load balancers to help them determine how often to send requests to servers assigned to that machine.

Answer: BE

Q10. Consider an IT infrastructure comprising several web and EJB applications. Each application is expected to handle significantly different workloads, and therefore has different resource and scalability requirements. Which is the best solution for this scenario?

A. Configure a dedicated server for each application.

B. Configure a separate cluster for each application.

C. Configure a separate domain for each application.

D. Configure a separate proxy for each application.

Answer: D