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2021 Jun 1Z0-868 practice

Q91. SOAP was selected as an integration technology for the flexibility of messaging styles it supports (in particular, how an XML payload can be presented in a SOAP message). Which message-style statement is correct? 

A. The body of an RPC-style SOAP message cannot be a literal message. 

B. The XML payload for a document-style message cannot be an encoded message. 

C. The XML payload for RPC and document-style messages guarantee XML payload delivery. 

D. An RPC-style message has the XML payload wrapped inside an operation element in a SOAP body. 

Answer: D 


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Q93. WebLizard is using an application consisting of a single WAR file that exposes a number of web service endpoints using JAX-WS. What security-related information about an authenticated client is available from inside the web service endpoint implementation class? 

A. only its role 

B. only its principal 

C. both its role and its principal 

D. neither its role nor its principal 

Answer: C 

Q94. What are three web service support features in Java EE? (Choose three.) 

A. generating a web service from an MDB 

B. generating a Java class from a WSDL file 

C. associating a Java class with a WSDL file 

D. associating a JMS queue with a WSDL file 

E. generating a web service from a stateful session bean 

F. generating a web service from a stateless session bean 

Answer: B,C,F 

Q95. With which two is the service-oriented architecture concerned? (Choose two.) 

A. low cohesion 

B. loose coupling 

C. XML web services 

D. stateful session handling 

E. well-defined contracts 

Answer: B,E 


Most recent 1Z0-868 practice question:

Q96. Which set of features specific to EJB 3.0 makes it a strong foundation for Java EE development? 

A. guaranteed improvement in performance and scalability over previous specification revisions 

B. EJB 3.0 guarantees improvement in performance and scalability over previous specification revisions 

C. use of Java proxies to handle pre-request and post-request processing, JAAS integration for security, and local interfaces to streamline calls between enterprise beans in the same JVM 

D. Java 5 annotations and sensible programmatic defaults, elimination of the EJB component interfaces (resulting in a better inheritance model), enhanced EJB QL, and the Java Persistence API (JPA) 

Answer: D 

Q97. You are writing a utility that searches for existing web services provided by large companies through UDDI. Your web site allows the user to input search criteria using event-driven, state- managed GUI screens, performs the search, and displays them in a formatted HTML page. Which technologies would you use for this application? 

A. JSP and JAXB 

B. JSF and JAXR 

C. JSF and JAX-WS 

D. JSP and JAX-WS 

Answer: B 

Q98. What describes the design relationship between session beans and entity beans? 

A. aggregation 

B. separation of concerns 

C. common reuse principle 

D. Liskov substitution principle 

E. interface segregation principle 

Answer: B 

Q99. Which application would NOT be a good candidate for an EJB-centric implementation of the business tier? 

A. an application that transfers money between accounts 

B. a news-oriented web site that receives millions of hits a day 

C. an application with business logic that calls third-party web services 

D. a small workflow-oriented application to provision and deprovision employee accounts 

Answer: B 

Q100. A company that makes avatar skins for virtual reality environments wants to deliver the textures that its customers purchase on the company's web site to its customer's avatar profile in-world. The target virtual reality environment can be communicated with from the outside-world using a web service. However, the web service invocation will fail if the customer is not online. Which architecture would be most appropriate to use in this situation? 

A. stateless session beans to attempt delivery 

B. invoke the web service from a JSF managed bean 

C. a JCA resource adapter to invoke the web service 

D. the EJB timer service to attempt delivery at regular intervals 

Answer: D