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2021 Jan 1Z0-102 real exam

Q31. As an Oracle WebLogic Server administrator, you are given an EAR file application to deploy.

Identity three reasons for creating an EAR file first.

A. After the .ear file hasbeen deployed, the developer will not have to ask for your assistance to deploy it again.

B. The EAR file is created to avoid namespace clashes in the Java code.

C. The EAR file can contain multiple WAR, EAR, and other resources to easily bundle together.

D. The EAR file is required if you are deploying an application.

E. The EAR file can declare application-wide security roles definitions.

Answer: CDE

Q32. Refer to the Exhibit

What is the meaning of the yellow triangle icon next to Listen Address?

A. This attribute has no value.

B. The server must be runningto change this attribute.

C. The server must be shut down to change this attribute.

D. The server must be restarted for a change to this attribute to take effect.

E. This attribute is read only and cannot be changed in the administration console

Answer: D

Q33. Identify four attributes of a JDBC data source.


B. Targets

C. JNDI Name

D. Delivery Mode

E. Database Driver

F. Server Log

Answer: ABCE

Q34. You are creating a new domain by using the Configuration Wizard, based solely on the Basic WebLogic Server Domain product (no template). Select three resources that you can create while still in the Configuration Wizard.

A. Administration Server

B. Managed Server

C. Data Server

D. JMS Server

E. Cluster

F. Domain Log

Answer: ABE

Q35. Which two statements are true about cluster configuration?

A. A server must be running before it can be added to a cluster.

B. You cannot define cluster membership through the Configuration Wizard.

C. The console allows you to add new and existing servers to a cluster.

D. The console allows you to add an administration server to a cluster.

E. You cannot remove a server that is running from a cluster.

Answer: AE

Leading 1Z0-102 simulations:

Q36. A domain created based on the Basic WebLogic Server Domain product has start scripts called and (.cmd in Windows). Which three statements are true?

A. starts Node Manager.

B. has a required parameter.

C. has a required parameter.

D. starts the Administration Server of the domain.

E. can start any managed server in the domain.

F. Both scripts can start any WebLogic Server, but each has different default parameter values.

Answer: CDE

Q37. Identify two supported methods of deploying a JMS module to a domain.

A. Create a module by using the administration console.

B. Load a module into the WebLogic database.

C. Include a module file within a web application archive.

D. Include a module file within an enterprise application archive.

E. Define a module within an existing JDBC module.

Answer: CD

Q38. Your production JMS server and/or its consumers are not able to handle the incoming message workload. The number of messages on the server never stabilizes and the server eventually becomes overload.

Which JMS server attribute will best help prevent the JMS server from being overloaded by producers?

A. Producer Pause High

B. Messages Threshold High

C. Reconnect Polity

D. Paging Directory

E. Pool Maximum Capacity

Answer: B

Q39. Which can be associated with multiple domains?

A. Cluster

B. Server Log

C. Node Manager

D. Administration Server

Answer: C

Q40. While creating a new domain in the Configuration Wizard, there are two types of machines that may be configured. Indentify them.

A. Machine and Windows machine

B. administrator machine and managed machine

C. machine and Unix machine

D. stand-alone machine and cluster machine

E. RDBMS machine and LDAP machine

Answer: B