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Q31. During the initial installation of a SPARC T4-2 server, you notice the SP NET MGT port is not available. What is one possibility? 

A. The SPARC T4-2 does not use the SP NET MGT port. 

B. It must be connected to a Gigabit network. 

C. The network does not use DHCP. 

D. The Oracle ILOM is down. 

Answer: C 

Q32. During installation, what happens if both power supplies are not cabled at the same time on a SPARC T4-2 server? 

A. Nothing 

B. OpenBoot PROM is disabled 

C. The service processor will not power on 

D. The Oracle ILOM will signal a fault 

Answer: D 

Reference: the second note on the page) 

Q33. The amount of disk space recommended by the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS) for the root slice is for UFS File and Solaris 10. 

A. 5 GB 

B. 10 GB 

C. 13 GB 

D. 18 GB 

Answer: A 

Q34. If a fault includes a uuid and sunw-msg-id property, then the fault was detected by which of the following? 

A. SunVTS 


C. Solaris Predictive Self-Healing 

D. Oracle ILOM 

Answer: C 

Reference: 22, see the second row, second column of the table) 

Q35. The SPARC T4-2 server has than the SPARC T4-1 server. 

A. 512 GB more memory 

B. 1 TB more memory 

C. 64 more compute threads 

D. 128 more compute threads 

Answer: B

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Q36. Why are Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) "soft failures" the most serious type of failures? 

A. The damage is not immediately noticed or detected. 

B. The damage is immediate and easily detected. 

C. The damage corrupts firmware. 

D. The damage results in the failure of the entire system. 

Answer: A 

Q37. You need to establish a remote secure shell (SSH) connection to Oracle ILOM. How do you 

enable SSH during the initial installation of the server? 

A. Access Oracle ILOM and set the SSH state property to “enable”. 

B. Access Oracle ILOM, generate a new SSH authentication key, and set the SSH state property to “enable”. 

C. Access Oracle ILOM and start the SSH server. 

D. SSH is enabled by default in Oracle ILOM. 

Answer: A 


Q38. A faulty DIMM needs to be replaced on a SPARC T4-2 server. What are two ways to determine which DIMM on a memory riser is faulty? 

A. Run the Oracle ILOM show faulty command. 

B. Run Oracle VTS software. 

C. Run the Oracle ILOM –al command. 

D. Press the Remind button on the memory riser. 

Answer: A,D 

Q39. Power-on self-test (POST) detected a faulty core on a SPARC T4-2 server. The server supports an important internal application for the customer. What is the state of the application and why? 

A. The application is unavailable until the processor with the faulty core has been replaced. 

B. The application is available with limited computing resources since POST disabled the processor with the faulty core. 

C. The application is available since POST disabled the faulty core. 

D. The application is unavailable until the processor with the faulty core has been disabled by the system administrator. 

Answer: C 

Q40. To disable ILOM CLI session time-out, which command should be used? 

A. Set /SP/cli timeout = n 

B. Set /SP/cli timeout = disable 

C. Set /SP/cli timeout = 0 

D. Set /SP/cli timeout = 1000 

Answer: D