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Q21. According to the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS), what is the recommended minimum number of virtual CPUs that should be allocated to the control domain? 

A. 2 CPUs 

B. 4 CPUs 

C. 6 CPUs 

D. 8 CPUs 

Answer: D 

Q22. You lost your Oracle ILOM settings after a service processor firmware update. Why? 

A. You did not enable the Preserve Configuration option. 

B. You did not back up the Oracle ILOM configuration. 

C. Oracle ILOM settings must be re-established after every firmware update. 

D. You used the Oracle ILOM web interface rather than the CLI to perform the update. 

Answer: A 

Q23. Based on the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS), why should Oracle Explorer Data Collector be run with the “-i” switch after initial system power-on and setup are complete? 

A. To remove confidential customer IP addresses from the Explorer output 

B. To provide a baseline of the initial system configuration 

C. To collect local Intelligent Platform management Interface (IPMI) data 

D. To collect remote Oracle ILOM snapshot data 

Answer: C 

Q24. Which two tasks are required to install and configure Oracle VM Server for SARC Management Information Base (MIB) software? 

A. Install Oracle VM Server for SPARC MIB software on the primary and guest domains 

B. Install Oracle VM Server for SPARC MIB software on the primary domain only 

C. Load the Oracle VM Server for SPARC MIB module into the Oracle Solaris SMA 

D. Load the Oracle VM Server for SPARC MIB module into the Oracle Solaris FMA 

Answer: B,C 

Q25. You are unable to add an Oracle ILOM user account, what is one possibility that would cause this issue? 

A. You need to add SSH keys to the system before creating additional user accounts. 

B. You do not have the user management role enabled. 

C. You do not have the host control role enabled. 

D. You have exceeded the maximum number of 5 user accounts. 

Answer: B

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Q26. How is I/O access configured for logical domains with no physical I/O access? 

A. Configured with virtual I/O devices that communicate with the I/O domain, which is not configured as a service domain 

B. Configured with virtual I/O devices that communicate with a service domain 

C. Configured with virtual I/O devices that communicate with the root domain 

D. Configured with virtual I/O devices that communicate with the control domain 

Answer: B 

Reference: virtual input/output, second para, first sentence) 

Q27. What package should be installed if you wish to harden the control domain on a SPARC T4 server running Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle VM Server for SPARC 2.1? 

A. SUNWldm 

B. SUNWdmp2v 

C. SUNWsst 

D. SUNWjass 

Answer: D 

Reference: -see the first note under this heading) 

Q28. When replacing the motherboard, how do you preserve the server’s original host ID and MAC address? 

A. Move the System Configuration PROM from the old motherboard to the new motherboard. 

B. Back up the service processor configuration details from the old system, and restore on the new system. 

C. Move the service processor card from the old system to the new system. 

D. For security, it not possible to preserve the server’s host ID and MAC address. 

Answer: A 

Q29. Which command lists dynamically reconfigurable hardware resources and shows their operational status? 

A. dmesg 

B. ldm ls 

C. fmadm –al 

D. cfgadm –al 

Answer: D 

Reference: step 2) 

Q30. In order to consolidate the applications on a SPARC T4 server, you require virtual machines that run an independent operating system instance. Which virtualization technology did you select? 

A. Oracle Solaris containers 

B. Dynamic Domains 

C. Oracle VM Server for SPARC 

D. Oracle VirtualBox 

Answer: C 

Reference: enterprise/documentation/o11-090-sparc-t4-arch-496245.pdf(page 25, first para)