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2021 Aug 1Z0-597 exam guide

Q41. When sizing the /var partition on a UFS file system, you have estimated the /var/sadm area to have 20 GB. Why? 

A. It is enough space to hold several complete crash dumps. 

B. It is rough space to hold package and patch information. 

C. It is enough space to hold logs and spools 

D. It is identical to the space allocated for the root slice, which is 20 GB on this particular system. 

Answer: D 

Q42. You are running Oracle Solaris on a SPARC T4 server and wish to enable network traffic control and guest domains. What action needs to be performed? 

A. Nothing, since networking between the control and guest domains are automatically enabled 

B. Add a virtual network device to each guest domain 

C. Configure the virtual switch device as a network device 

D. Set up an I/O domain that has direct access to a physical I/O device 

Answer: B 

Q43. According to the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS), what is the recommended minimum amount of memory that should be allocated to the control domain? 

A. 2 GB 

B. 3 GB 

C. 4 GB 

D. 6 GB 

Answer: A 

Q44. You are trying to reach the OpenBoot prompt (ok) from Oracle Solaris on a SPARC T4-1 system running Oracle VM Server for SPARC. The OpenBoot firmware is not available. Why is the OpenBoot prompt not available? 

A. It has been removed from memory. 

B. It was not installed on the system. 

C. The service processor property “auto-boot” is disabled. 

D. An incorrect version of OpenBoot firmware is installed. 

Answer: D 


Updated 1Z0-597 dumps:

Q45. According to the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS) on electrical grounding, what is the benefit of additional grounding points? 

A. Protect systems by helping to avoid leakage current 

B. Allows racks to support either AC or DC 

C. Allows a rack to support more than two dedicated circuit feeds for higher redundancy 

D. Allows a rack to support more than one UPS system for higher redundancy 

Answer: A 

Q46. According to Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS), which is recommended when creating virtual disk devices for use in guest domain? 

A. Create a new volume from an existing ZFS pool 

B. Use file containers 

C. Use the file containers and ZFS clones to multiply images 

D. Use a disk slice directly 

Answer: C 

Q47. Which three are included for each test in the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS) Test procedure Plan? 

A. The test objective 

B. The test method 

C. The expected outcome of the test 

D. Troubleshooting for each failed test 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q48. What is out-of-order execution? 

A. A feature of certain processors, where instructions are processed based on the availability of data. 

B. A feature multicore processors, where a core can be given processing priority over the other cores. 

C. A memory architecture feature, where specific data can be delivered to processors at the fastest possible rate. 

D. A feature of certain operating systems, where programs are executed based on the availability of data. 

Answer: C 

Q49. In the following example, Power On Self Test (POST) reports an uncorrectable memory error affecting the following locations: 



The error was detected by POST running on which node, core, and standard? 

A. Node 0, core 7, strand 2 

B. Node 2, core 7, strand 0 

C. Node 7, core 2, strand 0 

D. Node 0, core 2, strand 7 

Answer: A