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2021 Aug 1Z0-567 exam question

Q21. Identify three best practice uses of Notebook topics. 

A. To document processes 

B. To explain a constraint 

C. To send out an email alert 

D. To explain baseline update 

E. To change user access 

F. To update actual costs 

G. To provide status information 

Answer: ABG

Q22. Identify the true statement regarding currencies. 

A. Currencies are predefined at installation. 

B. Exchange rates are automatically updated monthly. 

C. P6 supports an unlimited number of currencies. 

D. US dollars is the only valid currency for financial transactions. 

Answer: C

Q23. You are an executive that wants to review portfolio data for a high-risk/high-priority group of projects. You go to Portfolios in Primavera P6 Web. However, the data shown is not the correct portfolio. What should you do to correct this problem? 

A. Manage the desired portfolio. 

B. Open the desired portfolio. 

C. Filter the portfolio in a dashboard. 

D. Create a user portfolio view. 

Answer: C

Q24. Identity the true statement regarding the Must Finish By constraint. 

A. The Must Finish By constraint is used as the starting date for the backward pass. 

B. The Must Finish By constraint forces all activities in the project to finish by that date. 

C. The Must Finish By constraint affects the total Role limits for the project. 

D. All activities have negative total float when a Must Finish By constraint is assigned. 

Answer: A 

Q25. Identify two formats available in the Capacity Planning chart. 

A. Stacked histogram 

B. Pie 

C. Area 

D. Variance 

E. Cost 

Answer: AC

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Q26. You are an application administrator that has been asked to create a portfolio for an executive. You create the portfolio and have the user test to see whether it meets requirements. However there are a couple of projects that are missing. You look for the portfolio, but it is no longer visible to you. What is the cause of this problem? 

A. The global filters for the portfolio must be refreshed. 

B. You do not have read/write access to the portfolio. 

C. You created it for one user, and you are not that user. 

D. The projects were deleted in error. 

Answer: C

Q27. Cost accounts are hierarchical, and . 

A. are assigned in the project details 

B. are created and managed at the project level 

C. are applicable to all projects in the EPS 

D. are assigned to users with security 

Answer: C

Q28. You are developing a reporting strategy for a customer who requires monthly reports showing cost variance. The customer has two requirements. 

1.Each report must come from Primavera. 

2.Each month's report must become a "snapshot" for legal traceability purposes. 

Which P6 R8 solution addresses each of the customer's requirements? 

A. Email monthly report to distribution list 

B. Send reports directly to printers at all user locations 

C. Archive printed reports in files under security 

D. Send generated report to content repository 

Answer: D

Q29. This graphic is an example of a ________. 

A. spreadsheet 

B. scorecard 

C. portfolio 

D. waterline analysis 

Answer: B

Q30. When is "Store Period Performance" usually performed? 

A. After each pay period 

B. After the schedule is updated 

C. After Job Services validation 

D. After working hours to enhance performance 

Answer: A