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2021 Jun 1Z0-567 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. Identify two ways of quickly creating templates. 

A. Create a template from an existing project. 

B. Copy/paste existing project into templates node. 

C. User Project Architect to modify templates. 

D. Create complexity formulas to modify templates. 

E. Base a new template on an existing template. 

Answer: AC 

Q12. Your customer's project teams are cross-functional and global. Therefore, any standard reports must be generated at a standing day/time so that all affected resources and users have clearly defined timelines for data quality checks prior to report creation. Identify the P6 R8 feature that will address this requirement. 

A. Email monthly report to distribution list 

B. Send reports directly to printers at all user locations 

C. Schedule report generation to minimize performance issues 

D. Post generated reports to content repository 

Answer: C 

Q13. What is the significance of the "Summarize project based on detailed activity resource assignments" setting? 

A. Summarized project data will reflect top-down plans. 

B. Summarized project data will reflect bottom-up plans. 

C. Summarized project data will reflect integrated actuals. 

D. Summarized project data will be monetized. 

Answer: B 


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Q14. Identify the best definition of the EPS. 

A. The hierarchical definition of project budgets and actual costs. 

B. The hierarchical definition of reporting structures. 

C. The hierarchical structure of the security for projects. 

D. The hierarchical structure of the database of projects. 

Answer: D 

Q15. In the GANTT Chart. Identify the significance of the blue and green bars. 

A. Current 

B. Forecast 

C. Planned 

D. Actual 

Answer: A

Q16. Identify this icon: 

A. Customize Columns in the View 

B. Customize Tabs in the Details 

C. Customize GANTT Chart Options 

D. Customize and Save View 

Answer: C 

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Q17. Select the statement that best describes "Manage Scenarios" functionality. 

A. You can create a portfolio for your own use or for sharing. 

B. You can view portfolio data in different forms. 

C. You can capture a snapshot of project data. 

D. You can select a portfolio to work with or execute commands. 

Answer: B

Q18. All commands executed by toolbar icons can be accessed from three menus. Select the three menus. 

A. Action 

B. Copy 

C. Edit 

D. Paste 

E. View 

F. Remove 

G. Modify 

Answer: ACE

Q19. Where are workflows accessed? 

A. In portfolios 

B. In the EPS 

C. In the dashboards 

D. In the workspace 

Answer: C 

Q20. You are a project manager on a fixed-bid contract. This contract has actually been positioned as a "loss leader" within your company because it is your first contract with this customer. The hope is that you can prove yourself to the customer and win additional business at higher margins down the road. The margins for this contract are very slim. 

What would be the best solution to set up in P6 to give you the visibility that you need to minimize the probable financial loss? 

A. Set a Mandatory Finish constraint at each contractual milestone and track schedule performance against the constraint. 

B. Set all activities in your project plan to Physical % Complete, and use Remaining Duration to track schedule performance. 

C. Set all activities in your project plan to Units % Complete, and use Remaining units to track schedule performance 

D. Set a Must finish By date at the project level, and track schedule performance using float in the project plan. 

Answer: B