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2021 Feb 1Z0-567 practice

Q1. When assigning a user to a user-interface view, deselecting the Allow Editing check box restricts the user’s ability to . 

A. edit project data in the view 

B. edit the user Interface view 

C. edit his or her password 

D. edit his or her resource profile 


Q2. Your customer's project managers are at a very low level of skill/maturity. Your scope of work includes the creation and management of schedule standards, usage of work products and documents, and schedule-variance tracking to improve estimation processes. Work out of scope includes risk and issue management. You have decided to modify a user-interface view for the project managers. 

Where do you remove access to risk and issue management? 

A. Remove the Risks and Issues portlets from dashboards. 

B. Remove Risk and Issues from the global security profile. 

C. Remove Risk and Issues from the Protects section. 

D. Remove Risk and Issues licenses. 

Answer: A

Q3. You are a project manager working with a cross-functional project team. The project spans multiple years and has 25000 activities owned across these cross-functional teams. The team leads for the functional teams do not want to view activities outside of the ones that they own. 

They have asked you to find a way for them to only see their activities. 

Identify three P6 EPPM features that would help you respond to this requirement. 

A. Create project activity code for teams. Values = team names. 

B. Group and sort by project activity code within the common activity view. 

C. Create filters built on project activity code. Values = team names. 

D. Create a generic resource for each team, and assign to each owned activity. 

E. Create an activity view for each team, filtering on team owned activities. 

F. Group and sort by generic resource within an activity view. 

Answer: ADE

Q4. A Physical % complete activity has an original duration of 10, and a remaining duration of 10. The actual start is assigned to the activity. Physical % is updated to equal 80%. What is the remaining duration for this activity? 

A. 80 

B. 10 

C. 2 

D. 8 

Answer: D

Q5. By default, a role's limit is determined by. 

A. the manually entered value on the Limit tab in the Role Dictionary 

B. the combined limit of all resources assigned to the role 

C. the combined limit of all primary resources assigned to the role 

D. the combined limit of all primary resources assigned to a project 

Answer: C

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Q6. Identify the business case that would support the creation of OBS elements to align with WBS elements within individual project plans. 

A. Legal/regulatory requirements that prohibit users from seeing data across functional areas maintaining smaller sets of project data 

B. Mitigate the risk of significantly variant project management skill levels across an organization 

C. Large projects with multiple cross-functional learns that will be responsible for updating/maintaining one set of project data 

D. Supporting data export/import process to minimize risk of degrading schedule quality 

Answer: C

Q7. What is the significance of setting "Summarize project based on high-level resource planning"? 

A. Summarized project data will reflect top-down plans. 

B. Summarized project data will reflect bottoms-up plans. 

C. Summarized project data will reflect actuals pushed from another application. 

D. Summarized project data will be monetized. 

Answer: A

Q8. You are a portfolio manager. You opened a portfolio and you refreshed the filter. However, some of the projects that were previously in the portfolio are no longer there. 

What happened? 

A. You no longer have sufficient project-level security to view the "missing" project's data. 

B. Your web interface license was revoked to allow other users to interface with the projects. 

C. The value of the code assigned to the missing projects has changed. 

D. The projects were deleted when the filter was refreshed. 

Answer: A

Q9. Select the true statement regarding role proficiency. 

A. The numbers and values can be customized. 

B. User-defined fields can be substituted for numbers and values. 

C. The numbers and values cannot be customized. 

D. Global resource codes can be substituted for numbers and values 

Answer: C

Q10. In your project, cost and work effort is not subject to change. Which duration type should be used? 

A. Fixed Units 

B. Fixed Duration and Units/Time 

C. Fixed Units/Time 

D. Fixed Duration and Units 

Answer: C