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Q51. Identify the true statement regarding administrative functions in P6 R8. 

A. Administrative functions can be performed in the client, or in the web interface. 

B. Administrative functions can only be performed in the client. 

C. Administrative functions can only be performed in the web interface. 

D. Administrative functions are determined at point of Installation. 


Q52. Identify the true statement regarding user-interface views. 

A. Deleting a user-interface view that has assigned users could cause user issues. 

B. Each user may be assigned to multiple user-interface views. 

C. User-interface views overwrite project and global security profiles. 

D. User-interface views are created and managed by individual users. 


Q53. Identify this window. 

A. Create Dashboard 

B. Create Portfolio 

C. Create Portfolio view 

D. Group and Sort 


Q54. What are two benefits of designating a resource as inactive? 

A. All project history and costs are retained. 

B. Budgets from past projects will remain intact. 

C. The associated user's information will be automatically deleted. 

D. Actual costs for past projects will be positively affected. 

E. The resource is identified as unable to perform future work. 

Answer: AE

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Q55. You are a portfolio manager looking for a new portfolio that you manually created for your own use. You have clicked the Group By drop-down list in Portfolios. 

What option would you select to quickly find your portfolio? 

A. Global Portfolio 

B. Global filtered Portfolio 

C. User Portfolio 

D. User Filtered Portfolio 


Q56. You are an application administrator. You have been asked by your CEO to simplify the user interface for executives like her who are interested in high level summary information. Identify two ways to satisfy this request. 

A. Customize the toolbar in a saved view. 

B. Customize the EPS In a global view. 

C. Customize security In the OBS. 

D. Customize the Details fields in the Activity view. 

E. Customize the menu bars in a saved view. 

Answer: AE

Q57. You are an implementation consultant working at a company where project schedules have been managed primarily with Microsoft Project, on individual desktops. The "projects" theoretically have been multiple-year projects. Your scope of work includes migrating project data from legacy project plans and setting up project planning standards. As you look into the current Microsoft Project plans, it becomes clear that the projects are not really multi-year projects. The plans have been managed by creating "new" projects within the old projects by skipping a few lines in what has become more of a program history. 

What approach would you recommend to retain the legacy data (which is a mandated requirement in the new Primavera system), while moving forward with a "one project, one plan" process? 

A. Import all MS Project plans directly into the P6 production database "as is." 

B. Import MS Project plans but break out current in-flight work into separate projects. 

C. Create new projects only for in flight work identified in MS Project plans. 

D. Retire legacy project plans and start with new project planning standards. 

Answer: B

Q58. What is the process that must be followed by a system administrator to create a user? 

A. Create an email account to confirm access after user setup. 

B. Assign a global profile, project profile, and responsible manager. 

C. Request approval from the user's manager before completing the profile. 

D. Assign a role to the user before assigning security profiles. 

Answer: D