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2021 Jan 1Z0-517 free draindumps

Q51. Identify three statements that are true for entering bank and branch details. (Choose three.)

A. Each bank must have at least one bank branch.

B. The bank account number is free-formatted information.

C. Banks and bank branches are created for Cash Management.

D. Bank accounts cannot be shared between bank and bank branches.

E. Each bank can have multiple branches and each branch can have multiple accounts.

Answer: ABE

Q52. At the ABC.com site, Cash Management is installed along with Oracle Payables. The payables option for payment accounting is set to account for a payment both on issue and clearing. The cash clearing accounts and cash accounts are different. What accounting happens when a payment is issued?

A. Debit AP Liability, Credit Cash Clearing

B. Debit AP Liability, Credit Cash

C. Debit Cash Clearing, Credit Cash

D. Debit Cash, Credit Cash Clearing

Answer: A

Q53. Your client, Company A, has these requirements:

1. Asset invoices are entered in the Payables daily, but assets are transferred to Oracle Assets only once per week.

2. Payables journal entries have to be transferred to GL at least once per month for reporting purposes.

3. Oracle Projects balances must be updated once every month.

4. Payment batches must be processed daily.

On the basis of the above requirements, what would be the minimum recommended frequency of running the Transfer to GL program?

A. daily

B. weekly

C. monthly

D. once every two weeks

Answer: B

Q54. Which four lookups can be added with additional values at the time of implementation and also after implementation? (Choose four.)

A. Free on Board (FOB)

B. Invoice Type

C. Bank Branch

D. Automatic Withholding Tax (AWT) Rate Type

E. Automatic Withholding Tax (AWT) Certificate Types

Answer: ACDE

Q55. The GL accountant tells you that he is running the tests to check the budget functionality. He says that the GL period was closed, but he was able to post the budget journal in a closed period. You check the setup and confirm that the GL period in which he was able to post the budget journal was closed. What explanation do you give?

A. The budget year is open.

B. The budget status is frozen.

C. The budget status is current.

D. The Require Budget Journal profile option is set at the set of books level.

Answer: A

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Q56. Jack, the CFO of ABC Company, wants to prepare the annual capital expenditure budget for the current year where the company plans to grow in the last quarter of the year. The capital expenditure budget is subdivided in multiple items, and the corporate calendar used at ABC Company has thirteen periods. Identify the three budget rules that Jack must use to minimize the effort. (Choose three.)

A. Use the divide evenly rule with the 4/4/4 spread.

B. Use the divide evenly rule with the 4/5/4 spread.

C. Use the divide evenly rule with the 5/4/4 spread.

D. Use the divide evenly rule with the 4/4/5 spread.

Answer: BCD

Q57. Identify three statements that are true for creating the withholding tax for standard, recurring, and prepayment invoices. (Choose three.)

A. The Withholding Tax Report is prepared by suppliers.

B. The Withholding Tax Group defaults in from the supplier or supplier site.

C. There can be multiple withholding tax codes with multiple tax authorities assigned to a group.

D. You can set up a special calendar to define periods that Payables uses for automatic withholding tax.

E. The Withholding Tax Invoice Description field does NOT include the invoice that the withholding tax invoice is associated with.

Answer: BCD

Q58. Identify three invoice holds that cannot be manually released. (Choose three.)

A. Acct Hold Reason

B. Funds Hold Reason

C. Invoice Hold Reason

D. Variance Hold Reason

E. Insufficient Information

F. Matching Hold Reason

G. Prepaid Amount Reason

Answer: AEG

Q59. Identify four options for Quick Payments. (Choose four.)

A. Create a check, save it, and print it later.

B. Select an invoice that has not been validated.

C. Select an invoice that has one or more holds.

D. Create a quick payment, and select an invoice regardless of the due date.

E. Create a quick payment, and select an invoice regardless of the payments terms.

F. Create and print a computer-generated payment to pay a supplier for one or more invoices.

Answer: ADEF

Q60. With which three modules does Oracle Payables have two-way integration? (Choose three.)

A. Projects

B. General Ledger

C. Cash Management

D. Oracle Purchasing

E. Human Resources

Answer: ACD