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2021 Dec 1Z0-517 brain dumps

Q181. Select three statements that apply to Interface Data Transformer (IDT). (Choose three.)

A. It ensures reapplication of the same rules each time you transfer.

B. IDT provides greater flexibility by performing no validation on the imported data.

C. User-defined conditions enable you to control when transformation rules must be applied.

D. IDT provides automatic data conversion that converts disparate data formats into an Oracle format.

E. It makes exporting of data from Oracle General Ledger into external feeder systems much easier and less time consuming.

Answer: ACD

Q182. Company K has identified these business requirements for their Payables operations:

1. All invoices must be part of a batch.

2. Discounts must be taken in all situations.

3. Invoices must be numbered by the system.

4. Accounting entries must be created for all invoice types.

5. All credit memos above a certain dollar amount must be approved before entry.

6. Four-way matching is enforced.

Select the profile option to be configured that will satisfy the above requirements.

A. AP: Invoice Match

B. AP: Use Invoice Batch Controls

C. AP: Enable Invoice Autonumbering

D. AP: AP Discounts Interface Start Date

E. AP: Use Invoice Accounting For Credit Memos

Answer: B

Q183. Subledger Accounting is a rule-based accounting engine that centralizes accounting for Oracle EBusiness Suite Release 12 products. Select the Oracle application that is NOT a Subledger Accounting module.

A. Assets

B. Payables

C. Purchasing

D. Receivables

E. General Ledger

Answer: E

Q184. Which two are the mandatory flexfield qualifiers in Oracle General Ledger? (Choose two.)

A. balancing segment

B. cost center segment

C. management segment

D. natural account segment

E. secondary tracking segment

Answer: AD

Q185. uses Oracle Purchasing and Payables only. The company would like to know the Financial Options that it should set up it to provide defaults. Which three options would you recommend? (Choose three.)

A. Accounting

B. Tax Options

C. Human Resources

D. Supplier Purchasing

E. Encumbrance Options

Answer: ABD

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Q186. What are the five steps for creating MassAllocation journal entries? (Choose five.)

A. posting journal entries

B. reviewing journal entries

C. validating cross-validation rules

D. freezing the accounting flexfield

E. generating MassAllocation journals

F. creating the MassAllocation definition

G. validating the MassAllocation definition

Answer: ABEFG

Q187. The manual payment method is best described as the method of _____.

A. paying multiple checks in a pay run

B. paying a single check within Payables

C. manually writing a check outside of Payables

D. recording a payment made outside of Payables

Answer: D

Q188. ABC Company in the United Kingdom has three subsidiaries in three different countries. It consolidates the accounts of all subsidiaries and the headquarters by using the average balances. John is new to Oracle General Ledger. He has just joined ABC Company. He needs to consolidate for the current month. On completion of the consolidation, John was not able to tally the consolidated figures with the ledgers. Select two reasons why John failed to see the correct balances. (Choose two.)

A. Posting of the consolidation journals may have failed.

B. He forgot to add the prior periods consolidation in the current period.

C. Manual adjustment needed after every consolidation was not performed.

D. John may not have reversed the prior periods consolidation in the current period.

Answer: AD

Q189. Identify three statements that properly describe the use of distribution sets. (Choose three.)

A. Assign a distribution set to an invoice when you enter it.

B. Use full distribution sets to create distributions with no set percentage amounts.

C. Use skeleton distribution sets to create distributions with set distribution amounts.

D. Assign a default distribution set to a supplier site, so Payables will use it for every invoice you enter for that supplier site.

E. Use a distribution set to enter distributions for an invoice automatically when you are not matching it to a purchase order.

Answer: ADE

Q190. You have been asked to demonstrate the basic functionality of Oracle General Ledger with a ledger that reflects XYZ Company's business. Select four data elements that you would need to obtain from XYZ Company to create a ledger for your demo. (Choose four.)

A. the suspense account

B. the intercompany account

C. the retained earnings account

D. the number of accounting periods

E. the base (functional) currency of the company

F. the accounting calendar with periods and the fiscal year-end

G. the company organization structure for the chart of accounts

Answer: CEFG