Exam Code: 1Z0-517 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle EBS R12.1 Payables Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 Jul 1Z0-517 vce

Q61. A client has a requirement for their Payables application:

1) AP must automatically create balancing accounting entries for invoice and payment transactions by using the expense GL Account.

2) Stop the application of a prepayment amount to an invoice or expense report amount that is charged to a different balancing segment.

Which two steps would satisfy both these requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Set the Automatic Offset Method to Accrual.

B. Set the Automatic Offset Method to Account.

C. Set the Automatic Offset Method to Balancing.

D. Enable the Prevent Prepayment Application Across Offset Segments option.

E. Enable the Prevent Prepayment Application Across Account Segments option.

F. Enable the Prevent Prepayment Application Across Balancing Segments option.

Answer: BF

Q62. You can hold the payment of an entire invoice or part of an invoice. This hold prevents a validated invoice from being selected in a Payment Batch, and paid. Identify the Payables window where you can select the Hold check box to place the invoice on a Payment Hold.

A. Enter Payments

B. Invoice Overview

C. Invoice Distributions

D. Scheduled Payments

Answer: D

Q63. Select three types of Payables open interfaces that will import data into Payables from other applications or third-party solutions. (Choose three.)

A. PCard Open Interface

B. Supplier Open Interface

C. Matching Open Interface

D. Receiving Open Interface

E. Payments Open Interface

Answer: ABC

Q64. To set up and use Multiple Organization Access Control (MOAC) most effectively, you need to define three profile options. (Choose three.)

A. MO: Operating Unit

B. HR: Security Profile

C. MO: Security Profile

D. HR: Business Group

E. MO: Default Operating Unit

Answer: ACE

Q65. A client is implementing ACH and has a business requirement that all invoices go through an approval process flow. Identify three features of the Invoice Approval Workflow that would meet their requirement. (Choose three.)

A. allows automatic resubmission of an invoice if rejection occurs

B. has predefined criteria to identify which invoices require approval

C. allows approval routing management from one central responsibility

D. provides automatic routing of invoices upon approval to another designated approver

E. allows for corrections to invoices to be made while still in the approval routing process

F. provides time limits as to how long an invoice can remain unapproved before being automatically rerouted to the next approver

Answer: BDF


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Q66. Identify the two invoice types processed by the Payables Open Interface process. (Choose two.)

A. standard

B. prepayment

C. debit memos

D. credit memos

Answer: AD

Q67. Which three methods can be used to enter invoice distributions? (Choose three.)

A. Using a distribution set

B. Matching an invoice to a receipt

C. Entering manually in the Distribution window

D. Using the Distribution Open interface

Answer: ABC

Q68. Select two components that are required to create the accounting setup by using Accounting Setup Manager. (Choose two.)

A. ledgers

B. operating units

C. data access sets

D. definition access sets

E. subledger accounting method

Answer: AE

Q69. Payables lists four seeded payment methods. They are check, outsourced check, electronic, and wire. Choose the correct description for wire.

A. a paper check to print and send to a supplier

B. an EFT, EDI, or XML to the bank of a supplier

C. a funds transfer initiated by contacting the bank and requesting wire payment to the bank of a supplier

D. transmission of payment information to an external party, such as your bank, that prints checks on your behalf

Answer: C

Q70. There are numerous Oracle modules that are integrated into or out of the Payables module. Identify four Oracle modules that are directly integrated with Oracle Payables. (Choose four.)

A. Loans

B. Purchasing

C. Bill of Materials

D. E-Business Tax

E. Order Management

F. Cash Management

G. System Administrator

Answer: ABDF