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Q421. Identify two correct statements regarding Function Security. (Choose two.) 

A. Defines access controls through roles 

B. Is built on the role-based access control layer 

C. Is the base layer of access control in Oracle Applications 

D. Restricts user access to individual menus and menu options 

E. Restricts user access to data within menus and menu options 

Answer: CD

Q422. To properly associate one transaction type with another in Receivables, you have to define transaction types in a specific order. Identify the correct order. 

A. Invoice, credit memo, debit memo 

B. Invoice, debit memo, credit memo 

C. Credit memo, invoice, debit memo 

D. Credit memo, debit memo, invoice 

E. Debit memo, invoice, credit memo 

F. Debit memo, credit memo, invoice 

Answer: C

Q423. ABC.com has a legal entity in each of its business operations in the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, and Italy. The controller in Italy advises that the corporation must use the Italian statutory accounts as its natural accounts. The corporation decides to define five sets of books (one for each country) but wants to use a single, global chart of accounts structure. Choose a possible design (for the sets of books) that uses a single, global chart of accounts structure, and also meets the Italian controller's requirement. 

A. The chart of accounts structure uses a different Value Set for the Account segment for Italy. 

B. The length of the Account segment for Italy is different from that for the other countries. 

C. The list of values in the Account segment includes a range reserved for Italy. 

D. The chart of accounts structure contains an extra segment for Italy. 

E. The chart of accounts structure for Italy uses Account values prefixed with a special character. 

Answer: C

Q424. When you enter a journal, the journals in that batch _____. 

A. should share the same period 

B. should share both the same period and currency 

C. should share the same accounting date 

D. can have different periods, currencies, and accounting dates 

E. should share the same currency 

Answer: A

Q425. When you enter a journal, the journals in that batch _____. 

A. Must share the same period 

B. Must share the same currency 

C. Must share the same accounting date 

D. Must share both the same period and currency 

E. Can have different periods, currencies, and accounting dates 

Answer: A


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Q426. Select two actions that ledger sets permit. (Choose two.) 

A. performing variance inquiries 

B. being used for mass budgets 

C. sending budget balance inquiries 

D. viewing account balances for multiple ledgers in one view 

E. grouping multiple ledgers that share the same chart of accounts and calendar 

Answer: DE

Q427. Which two actions would you perform using the Column Set Builder? (Choose two.) 

A. create format mask 

B. assign accounts 

C. sort rows based on values in a column 

D. define calculations in new column 

Answer: AD

Q428. Which three functions can the Payables Accounting Process perform? (Choose three.) 

A. transfers data to the interface table 

B. runs the journal import 

C. validates distribution lines 

D. creates accrual entries 

E. creates accounting entries 

Answer: ABE

Q429. Which two parameters facilitate cross organization reports in a Multi-Org environment? (Choose two.) 

A. Ledger 

B. Legal Entity 

C. Operating Unit 

D. Reporting Level 

E. Reporting Context 

Answer: DE

Q430. ABC Corporation will be implementing Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. Purchasing, 

Payables, Receivables, General Ledger, Assets, Projects, Order Management and Cash 

Management will be implemented. Select three business flows that would involve these products. (Choose three.) 

A. Click to Order 

B. Order to Cash 

C. Procure to Pay 

D. Project to Profit 

E. Demand to Build 

F. Campaign to Order 

Answer: BCD