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2021 Aug 1z0-053 study guide pdf:

Q31. Which of the following is a potential performance tuning recommendation from the SQL Access Advisor?

A. Create new indexes.

B. Modify existing indexes.

C. Implement partitioning on a nonpartitioned table.

D. Create materialized views.

E. All of the above

Answer: E

Q32. Which of the following is true about job chains?

A. They consist of one or more Scheduler programs.

B. They are used to implement dependency scheduling.

C. They are used to implement time-based scheduling.

D. They are used to implement event-based scheduling.

E. None of the above.

Answer: B

Q33. Which two are the prerequisites to enable Flashback Data Archive? (Choose two.)

A. Database must be running in archivelog mode.

B. Automatic undo management must be enabled.

C. Undo retention guarantee must be enabled.

D. The tablespace on which the Flashback Data Archive is created must be managed with Automatic Segment Space Management (ASSM).

Answer: BD

Q34. If you find errors in the view V$DATABASE_BLOCK_CORRUPTION with a status of MEDIA_CORRUPT, what RMAN command would you run to correct the problem?

A. recover lost blocks;

B. recover corrupt blocks;

C. recover media corrupt blocks from list;

D. recover corrupt blocks from list;

E. recover corruption list;

Answer: E

Q35. The NLS_LANGUAGE parameter specifies the default conventions to be used for which of the following globalization elements?

A. Languages for server messages

B. Day and month names and abbreviations

C. Symbols to represent a.m., p.m., AD, and BC

D. Affirmative and negative response strings (YES, NO)

E. None of the above

F. All of the above

Answer: F

Improved oracle database 11g dba 2 1z0-053:

Q36. Note the output of the following query;

SQL> SELECT flashback_archieve_name, status FROM dba_flashback_archieve;


---------------------------------------- -----------


You executed the following command to enable Flashback Data Archive on the EXCHANGB_PATE table:


What is the outcome of this command?

A. The table uses the default Flashback Data Archive.

B. The Flashback Data Archive Is created In the SYSAUX tablespace.

C. The Flashback Data Archive is created in the same tablespace where the tables are stored.

D. The command generates an error because no flashback Data Archive name is specified and there is no default Flashback Data Achieve.

Answer: A

Q37. You have three temporary tablespace groups named G1, G2, and G3 in your database.

You are creating a new temporary tablespace as follows:


Which statement regarding the above command is correct?

A. It will create the tablespace TEMP1 in group G1.

B. It will create the tablespace TEMP1 in group G3.

C. It will not add the tablespace TEMP1 to any group.

D. It will create the tablespace TEMP1 in the default group.

Answer: C

Q38. Indentify two advantages of using recovery catalog instead of the control file of the database in Recovery Manager (RMAN). (Choose two.)

A. You can use RMAN stored scripts

B. Recovery is faster if data is stored in catalog in addition to the control file

C. You can store backup information of all registered databases in one place

D. Database backups are automatically deleted when they are older than the specified time period

Answer: AC

Q39. Which two statements are true regarding the starting of the database instance using the following command? (Choose two.)


A. It enables all system triggers.

B. It allows only SYSDBA connections.

C. It ensures that all job queues remain active during the upgrade process.

D. It sets system initialization parameters to specific values that are required to enable database upgrade scripts to be run.

Answer: BD

Q40. Which command creates an image copy?

A. backup as copy

B. backup copy

C. copy as backup

D. copy back

Answer: A