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Q231. You issued the following command to mount the DATA disk group in restricted mode:


What is the implication of this command?

A. The client RDBMS instance can access the file as a read-only file.

B. A new disk cannot be added to a disk group.

C. A disk in a disk group can be taken offline.

D. The client RDBMS instance cannot access the files in the disk group.

Answer: D

Q232. Examine the following ALTER command;


What is the purpose of the command?

A. It cancels all pending disk drops within the disk group.

B. It adds previously dropped disks back into the disk group.

C. It restores disks that are being dropped as the result of a DROP DISKGROUP operation.

D. It mounts disks in the disk group for which the drop-disk operation has already been completed.

E. It restores all the dropped disks in the disk group for which the drop-disk operation has already been completed.

Answer: A

Q233. What information does the report schema command not provide? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Size of the datafiles

B. Size of the tempfiles

C. Date of last backup for datafiles and tempfiles

D. Filenames for each datafile

E. Checkpoint SCN associated with the last RMAN backup

Answer: CE

Q234. Which of the following restrictions are not true with respect to tablespace point-in-time recovery? (Choose all that apply.)

A. The target database must be in NOARCHIVELOG mode.

B. No backup is required of the database before you perform a TSPITR.

C. You must have all archived redo logs generated since the last backup up to the point to which you want to restore the transport set.

D. If you rename a tablespace, you can not perform a TSPITR to any point in time before that rename operation occurred.

E. If you have tables in tablespace_1 that have associated constraints in tablespace_2, then you must transport both tablespaces.

Answer: AB

Q235. Note the following parameters settings in your database:





You issued the following command to increase the value of DB_8K_CACHE_SIZE:


What would happen?

A. It will fail because DB_8K_CACHE_SIZE parameter cannot be changed dynamically

B. It will be successful only if the memory is available from the auto tuned components

C. It will fail because an increase in DB_8K_CACHE_SIZE cannot be accommodated within SGA_TARGET

D. It will fail because an increase in the DB_8K_CACHE_SIZE cannot be accommodated within SGA_MAX_SIZE

Answer: D

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Q236. Which of the following are not disabled by default?

A. Jobs

B. Chains

C. Windows

D. Window groups

E. Schedule

Answer: E

Q237. Which three statements are true regarding the functioning of the Autotask Background Process (ABP)? (Choose three.)

A. It creates jobs without considering the priorities associated with them.

B. It translates tasks into jobs for execution by the scheduler.

C. It determines the list of jobs that must be created for each maintenance window.

D. It is spawned by the MMON background process at the start of the maintenance window.

E. It maintains a repository in the SYSTEM tablespace to store the history of the execution of all tasks.

Answer: BCD

Q238. The application tables owned by the user TEST in a test database need to be exported to the APPS schema in the production database by using Data Pump. Which option of Data Pump Import would you use to accomplish this?

A. owner

B. touser

C. attach

D. remap_schema

Answer: D

Q239. You set the following parameters in the parameter file and restarted the database:





Which two statements are true regarding these parameters after the database instance is restarted? (Choose two.)

A. The MEMORY_MAX_TARGET parameter is automatically set to 500 MB.

B. The value of the MEMORY_MAX_TARGET parameter remains zero till it is changed manually.

C. The PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET and SGA_TARGET parameters are automatically set to zero.

D. The lower bounds of PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET and SGA_TARGET parameters are set to 90 MB and 270 MB, respectively.

Answer: AD

Q240. The DBA has chosen to manage SGA and PGA memory separately in an OLTP database because of his unique knowledge of the application. Which of these are good starting points to use when configuring the maximum values for SGA and PGA, based on the amount of memory available on the system?

A. 20% SGA, 80% PGA

B. 25% SGA, 75% PGA

C. 50% SGA, 50% PGA

D. 75% SGA, 25% PGA

E. 80% SGA, 20% PGA

Answer: E