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2021 Jul oracle 1z0-053:

Q221. What is the name of the file that identifies the set of available locale definitions?

A. locale.def

B. lxdef.ora

C. lx1boot.nlb

D. lx1boot.ora

E. lang.def

Answer: C

Q222. Which of the following commands will fail?

A. report schema;

B. report need backup;

C. report need backup days 3;

D. report user;

E. report obsolete;

Answer: D

Q223. You want to create the Recovery Manager (RMAN) Virtual Private Catalog (VPC) to maintain a separation of responsibilities along with a consolidation of RMAN repository. Which condition must be met before you create the VPC?

A. A base catalog exists

B. The recovery catalog is empty

C. The base recovery catalog must be dropped

D. A target database is registered in the recovery catalog

Answer: A

Q224. The following command is executed to create the baseline template:








Which statement is true about the effect of the above command?

A. It creates a baseline template that never expires.

B. It produces an error because no snapshot information is provided to create the baseline.

C. It creates a baseline template that expires after the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) retention period.

D. It creates a repeating baseline template that repeats after the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) retention period.

Answer: A

Q225. Exhibit:

View the Exhibit for some of the current parameter settings. A user logs in to the HR schema and issues the following commands:


 (empno NUMBER(3),

ename VARCHAR2(20),

sal NUMBER(8,2));

SQL> INSERT INTO emp(empno,ename) VALUES(1,'JAMES');

At this moment, a second user also logs in to the HR schema and issues the following command:


What happens in the above scenario?

A. The second user's session immediately produces the resource busy error.

B. The second user's command executes successfully.

C. The second user's session waits for a time period before producing the resource busy error.

D. A deadlock is created.

Answer: C

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Q226. What type of backup is stored in a proprietary RMAN format?

A. Backup set

B. Image copy

C. Backup section

D. Backup group

Answer: A

Q227. Identify the two direct sources from where SQL plans can be loaded into the SQL plan baselines.

(Choose two.)

A. Cursor cache

B. Stored outline

C. SQL Tuning Set

D. Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) snapshots

Answer: AC

Q228. You have 100 segments in the USERS tablespace. You realize that the USERS tablespace is running low on space. You can use Segment Advisor to _____.

A. identify the segments that you should shrink

B. modify the storage parameters for the tablespace

C. automatically shrink the segments with unused space

D. check the alerts generated for the tablespace that is running low on space

Answer: A

Q229. Which of the following is a prerequisite for running DBMS_TDB.CHECK_DB to a successful completion?

A. The database must be in read-write mode.

B. The database must have no external files.

C. The database must open in read-only mode.

D. The database must be mounted but not opened.

Answer: C

Q230. You are working in an online transaction processing (OLTP) environment. You use the FLASHBACKTABLE command to flash back the CUSTOMERS table. Before executing the FLASHBACK TABLE command, the system change number (SCN) was 663571. After flashing back the CUSTOMERS table, you realize that the table is not in the correct state. Now, you need to reverse the effects of the FLASHBACK TABLE command. Which is the fastest and the most efficient option to reverse the effects of the FLASHBACK TABLE command?

A. Restore the backup control file and open the database with RESETLOGS option.

B. Perform point-in-time recovery because flashback cannot be performed again on this table

C. Execute the FLASHBACK DATABASE statement to retrieve the CUSTOMERS table as it was at SCN 663571

D. Execute another FLASHBACK TABLE statement to retrieve the CUSTOMERS table as it was at SCN 663571

Answer: D