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2021 Aug 1Z0-457 free question

Q41. What three capabilities does Oracle Enterprise manager Application Management Pack for Fusion Provide? 

A. Oracle Fusion Application Lifecycle Automation 

B. Oracle Fusion Application Discovery and Monitoring 

C. Oracle Fusion Application Dynamic SQL Tuning 

D. Oracle Fusion Application Clustering 

E. Oracle Fusion Application Performance Diagnostics 

F. Oracle Fusion Application Network Tuning 

Answer: ABE 

Q42. Which three metrics are monitored by Oracle Enterprise Manager Business Transaction Management? 

A. Availability 

B. Memory usage 

C. Throughput 

D. Faults 

E. SQL executes 

Answer: ACD 

Q43. Identify four activities that can be performed by enabling oracle Enterprise manager repeat notifications. 

A. Subscribe to repeatedly receive email notifications about the same metric 

B. Subscribe to repeatedly receive email notifications about the same availability alert 

C. Send email notifications based on a designated repeat frequency. 

D. Limit email notifications by designating a maximum repeat notification. 

E. Get an email copy of a notification for regulatory compliance. 

F. Send email notifications based on a rotating calendar date. 

Answer: BCDF 

Q44. Which agent configuration would you use for a single host that is running an Oracle 10g Database, an Oracle 11g Database, and an Oracle WebLogic Server? 

A. One agent for the database and one agent for the WebLogic Server 

B. One agent for all three 

C. One agent for each 

D. No agents required with SSL 

Answer: B 

Q45. Which Oracle Enterprise manager Ops Center capability is used by the High Availability capability for proxy controllers? 

A. Generating alerts and incidents if assets are no longer reachable 

B. Moving assets from one proxy controller to another 

C. Switching between agent and Agentless management access 

D. Upgrading agent controllers to the most recent version 

E. Patching the asset to the most recent version 

Answer: B

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Q46. Identify four capabilities ofthe Oracle Enterprise Manager Compliance Management feature evaluate the compliance of targets and systems. 

A. Defining, customizing, and managing compliance standards 

B. Defining, customizing, and managing compliance standard rules 

C. Providing advice on how to bring a target and system into compliance 

D. Providing advice on how to bring a target, but not a system into compliance 

E. Defining, customizing, and managing custom compliance formulas 

F. Defining, customizing, and managing compliance frameworks 

Answer: ABDF 

Q47. Which would you configure so that an Oracle Enterprise manager user has the ability to perform jobs without having to know specific credential information? 

A. A named credential 

B. A pseudo account 

C. A user job credential 

D. A named job 

Answer: A 

Q48. Which two statements are true about metrics in Oracle Enterprise manager? 

A. Metric extensions are the new way to create metrics that is introduced in Oracle Enterprise manager Cloud Control. 

B. User-defined metrics are not-supported for the targets monitored by oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. 

C. User-defined metrics do not need to be migrated to metrics extensions. 

D. Migration of collected, user-defined metric historic data is not supported with oracle Enterprise manager Cloud Control. 

E. Previous user-defined metrics do not need to be displayed or deleted after they are migrated to metric extensions. 

Answer: AE 

Q49. Which Oracle Enterprise Manager Pack includes deployment procedures? 

A. Configuration Management 

B. Configuration Pack for Middleware 

C. Database Lifecycle Management Pack 

D. Diagnostics Pack for Non-Oracle Middleware 

Answer: C 

Q50. What is the primary purpose of the Middleware Diagnostics Advisor (MDA) that is included in Oracle Enterprise Manager WebLogic Server management Pack Enterprise Edition/ 

A. To provide configuration data reports and best practices. 

B. To provide root cause analysis and recommendations based on performance metrics and configuration data of the stack (WLS, JVM, application, database, and hosts) 

C. To correlate JVM threads with the underlying database tier to provide across-tier rrot cause analysis and to generate reports showing database usage related to the JVM 

D. To alert on Java memory leaks in WenLogic Server 

Answer: B