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2021 Jun 1Z0-053 Study Guide Questions:

Q201. You specify a nonzero value for the MEMORY_TARGET initialization parameter, but do not set the PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET or the SGA_TARGET parameters. You restart your database instance. Which statement about the result is true?

A. The database instance starts, and Oracle sets the default value of SGA_TARGET to the same value as SGA_MAX_SIZE.

B. The database instance starts, and Oracle automatically tunes memory and allocates 60 percent to the SGA and 40 percent to the PGA.

C. The database instance starts, but Automatic Memory Management is disabled.

D. The database instance will not start because you did not specify the PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET or SGA_TARGET parameter.

Answer: B

Q202. USER_DATA is a nonencrypted tablespace that contains a set of tables with data. You want to convert all existing data in the USER_DATA tablespace and the new data into the encrypted format. Which methods would you use to achieve this? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Use Data Pump to transfer the existing data to a new encrypted tablespace.

B. Use ALTER TABLE. MOVE to transfer the existing data to a new encrypted tablespace.

C. Use CREATE TABLE AS SELECT to transfer the existing data to a new encrypted tablespace.

D. Enable row movement for each table to be encrypted and then use ALTER TABLESPACE to encrypt the tablespace.

E. Encrypt the USER_DATA tablespace using the ALTER TABLESPACE statement so that all the data in the tablespace is automatically encrypted.

Answer: ABC

Q203. Which statement most accurately describes the implementation of a SQL Access Advisor recommendation?

A. SQL Access Advisor recommendations are automatically implemented.

B. Individual SQL Access Advisor recommendations can be scheduled for implementation.

C. All SQL Access Advisor recommendations for a specific task must be implemented at the same time.

D. SQL Access Advisor recommendations are automatically scheduled for implementation during the maintenance window.

E. None of the above.

Answer: B

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Q204. You are using Recovery Manager (RMAN) for backup and recovery operations with a recovery catalog. You have been taken database backups every evening. On November 15, 2007, at 11:30 AM, you were informed that the USER_DATA tablespace was accidentally dropped.

On investigation, you found that the tablespace existed until 11:00 AM, and important transactions were done after that. So you decided to perform incomplete recovery until 11:00 AM. All the archive logs needed to perform recovery are intact. In NOMOUNT state you restored the control file that has information about the USER_DATA tablespace from the latest backup. Then you mounted the database. Identify the next set of commands that are required to accomplish the task?

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option B

Answer: A

Q205. What are the recommendations for Oracle Database 11g installation to make it Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA)-compliant? (Choose all that apply.)

A. ORACLE_BASE should be set explicitly.

B. An Oracle base should have only one Oracle home created in it.

C. Flash recovery area and data file location should be on separate disks.

D. Flash recovery area and data file location should be created under Oracle base in a non- Automatic Storage Management (ASM) setup.

Answer: ACD

Q206. Which two initialization parameters would you set to enable Automatic Shared Memory Management? (Choose two.)

A. set SHARED_POOL_SIZE to zero


C. set SGA_TARGET to a non-zero value

D. set DB_CACHE_SIZE to a non-zero value


Answer: AC

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Q207. Which dynamic view displays the status of block-change tracking?





Answer: B

Q208. What command would you issue to enable automated backups of control files?

A. alter database controlfile autobackup on

B. alter system controlfile autobackup on

C. configure controlfile autobackup on

D. enable controlfile autobackup

Answer: C

Q209. To enable resumable space allocation for the instance, which of the following initialization parameters should you set to a nonzero value?






Answer: D

Q210. Which are the correct steps, in order, to deal with the loss of an online redo log if the database has not yet crashed?

a. Issue a checkpoint.

b. Shut down the database.

c. Issue an alter database open command to open the database.

d. Startup mount the database.

e. Issue an alter database clear logfile command.

f. Recover all database datafiles.

A. a, b, c, d

B. b, d, e, c

C. a, b, d, e, c

D. b, f, d, f, c

E. b, d, a, c

Answer: C