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2021 Nov 1z0-053 books:

Q361. Examine the following command:


Which activity is performed when the preceding command is executed?

A. The shrink operation touches every block in the BOOKING table

B. The high-water mark (HWM) for the BOOKING table is shifted from its original position

C. The progress of the shrink operation is saved in the bitmap blocks of the BOOKING table

D. The data manipulation language (DML) triggers on the BOOKING table are executed because the shrink operation is internally handled by the INSERT/DELETE operation

Answer: C

Q362. Which of the following tasks is not performed by the job coordinator?

A. Update job log when a job completes

B. Spawn and remove job slaves

C. Write/read job info to/from memory cache

D. Query job table

E. Pass job information to job slaves

Answer: A

Q363. Which of the following is not a valid calendaring syntax element?






Answer: C

Q364. What does the minimize load database parameter mean when backing up a database?

A. RMAN will attempt to make the backup run as fast as possible without any IO limitations.

B. RMAN will automatically restrict the number of channels in use to one.

C. RMAN will spread the backup IO over the total duration stated in the backup command.

D. RMAN will skip any datafile that currently is involved in an IO operation. RMAN will retry backing up the datafile later and an error will be raised at the end of the backup if the datafile cannot be backed up.

E. Datafiles will be backed up; those having the lowest current number of IO operations will be backed up first.

Answer: C

Q365. When performing a database duplication, which duplicate database parameter would you set to ensure that the online redo logs are created in the correct location?

A. log_file_name_convert

B. convert_log_file_name

C. file_name_convert_log

D. redo_log_file_name_convert

E. logfile_convert_directory

Answer: A

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Q366. Within a resource-plan definition, what differentiates a top-level plan from a subplan?

A. A subplan has the PLAN_SUB parameter value set to SUB.

B. A top-level plan has the GROUP_OR_PLAN parameter set to the name of the subplan in the resource-plan definition.

C. There is no difference in the resource-plan definition.

D. A subplan always has the CPU_MTH parameter value set to RATIO.

E. The string TOP_LEVEL is appended to the name of top-level resource plans.

Answer: C

Q367. What does it mean if a backup is expired?

A. The backup set has exceeded the retention criteria set in RMAN and is eligible for removal.

B. The backup set has one or more invalid blocks in it and is not usable for recovery.

C. The backup set contains one or more tablespaces no longer in the database.

D. The backup set contains one or more missing backup set pieces.

E. The backup set is from a previous version of RMAN and was not upgraded.

Answer: D

Q368. When shrinking a table segment, you choose to shrink all the indexes for that table using the SHRINK SPACE command. Which clause should you use?





E. None of the above

Answer: D

Q369. Observe the following warning in an RMAN session of your database instance:

WARNING: new failures were found since last LIST FAILURE command

Which statement describes the scenario that must have produced this warning?

A. The CHANGE FAILURE command has detected new failures recorded in the Automatic Diagnostic Repository(ADR).

B. The VALIDATE DATABASE command has detected new failures recorded in the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR).

C. The ADVISE FAILURE command has detected new failures recorded in the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR) since the last LIST FAILURE.

D. The RECOVER command has detected new failures recorded in the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR) since the last LIST FAILURE command was executed.

Answer: C

Q370. Why would you run the delete obsolete command? (Choose all that apply.)

A. To remove missing backup set pieces physically from disk

B. To remove metadata related to backup set pieces in the control file and the recovery catalogĀ 

C. To mark as deleted records in the control file and the recovery catalog associated with obsolete backup sets

D. To delete backup set pieces associated with backups that are no longer needed due to retention criteria

E. To remove old versions of RMAN backups

Answer: CD