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Q331. When an ASM instance receives a SHUTDOWN NORMAL command, what command does it pass on to all database instances that rely on the ASM instance's disk groups?





Answer: C

Q332. Consider the following command:

Backup database plus archivelog delete input;

How many backup sets would be created by this command if the following were true:

Control-file a NN uto backups were enabled.

NN The size of backup sets was not restricted.

NN One channel was allocated.

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

E. 5

Answer: D

Q333. Over the course of a day, a department performed multiple DML statements (inserts, updates, deletes) on multiple rows of data in multiple tables. The manager would like a report showing the time, table name, and DML type for all changes that were made. Which Flashback technology would be the best choice to produce the list?

A. Flashback Drop

B. Flashback Query

C. Flashback Transaction Query

D. Flashback Versions Query

E. Flashback Table

Answer: C

Q334. Which of the following supplied functions is used to identify external tables, directories, and BFILES?





Answer: B

Q335. You want to schedule a job to rebuild all indexes on the SALES table after the completion of a bulk load operation. The bulk load operation must also be a scheduled job that executes as soon as the first file that contains data arrives on the system.

How would you create these jobs?

A. Create both jobs by using events raised by the scheduler

B. Create both jobs by using events raised by the application

C. Create a job to rebuild indexes by using events arised by the application and then create another job to perform bulk load by using events raised by the scheduler

D. Create a job to rebuild indexes by using events arised by the Scheduller and then create another job to perform bulk load by using events raised by the application

Answer: D


Up to the minute 1z0-053 dumps:

Q336. What is the impact of the results of the output of the following command?

RMAN> report unrecoverable database;

Report of files that need backup due to unrecoverable operations

File Type of Backup Required Name

---- ----------------------- -----------------------------------

4 full or incremental C:ORACLEORADATAORCLUSERS01.DBF

A. There are no backup sets with any backups of the users01.dbf datafile.

B. The users01.dbf datafile has had unrecoverable operations occur in it. It will need to be backed up or some data loss is possible during a recovery.

C. The users01.dbf datafile is corrupted.

D. The users01.dbf datafile backup exceeds the retention criteria.

E. The last backup of the users01.dbf datafile failed and must be rerun.

Answer: D

Q337. How can you reverse the effects of an ALTER DISKGROUP ... DROP DISK command if it has already completed?

A. Issue the ALTER DISKGROUP ... ADD DISK command.

B. Issue the ALTER DISKGROUP ... UNDROP DISKS command.


D. Retrieve the disk from the Recycle Bin after the operation completes.

Answer: A

Q338. What happens when you run the SQL Tuning Advisor with limited scope?

A. Access path analysis is not performed for SQL statements.

B. SQL structure analysis is not performed for SQL statements.

C. SQL Profile recommendations are not generated for SQL statements.

D. Staleness and absence of statistics are not checked for the objects in the SQL Tuning Advisor.

Answer: B

Q339. View the Exhibit and examine the disk groups created at the time of migrating the database storage to Automatic Storage Management (ASM).

Why does the FRA disk group initially have more free space even though both DATA and FRA disk groups are provided with the same size?

A. Because the FRA disk group will not support dynamic rebalancing

B. Because the FRA disk group is not configured to support mirroring

C. Because disks in the FRA disk group are not formatted at this stage

D. Because the FRA disk group will support only a single size of allocation unit

Answer: B

Q340. David managed to accidentally delete the datafiles for database called DSL. He called Heber and Heber tried to help but he managed to delete the control files of the database. Heber called Bill and Bill saved the day. They are using a recovery catalog for this database. What steps did Bill perform to recover the database and in what order?

a. Restored the control file with the RMAN restore controlfile command.

b. Mounted the DSL instance with the alter database mount command.

c. Restored the datafiles for the DSL database with the RMAN restore command.

d. Opened the DSL database with the alter database open resetlogs command.

e. Recovered the datafiles for the DSL database with the RMAN recover command.

f. Started the DSL instance.

g. Connected to the recovery catalog with RMAN.

A. a, b, c, d, e, f, g

B. b, c, d, g, f, e, a

C. g, f, a, b, c, e, d

D. c, a, d, b, f, e, g

E. g, f, a, b, e, c, d

Answer: C