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New CIW 1D0-435 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 7 - Question 16)

Q7. Consider the following script:



var name;

name=prompt("What is your name?" , ""); alert("Hello, " + name +".");

// -->


What does this script do in terms of the use of the variable "name"?

A. The variable value is assigned via the prompt method, and then displayed via the alert method.

B. The variable value is assigned via the prompt method.

C. Nothing. This script would result in an error.

D. The variable value is assigned via the alert method.

Answer: A

Q8. Ling wants to clear some of the cookies that her Web server has given to her visitors.

What is the best way for her to accomplish this task?

A. Change the date field to a date in the past.

B. Create a new cookie that includes the value=delete field with the name=value field.

C. Suspend the use of cookies for a short time so all the cookies on her visitorsu2021 machines are not refreshed.

D. Create new cookies that contain the name=/dev/null value pair.

Answer: A

Q9. alert(), prompt(), and confirm() are all examples of

A. behaviors

B. values

C. methods

D. actions

Answer: C

Q10. One domain cannot deposit a cookie for another domain. This would be cross-domain posting and in theroy, is not possible. However, the cross-domain posting rule can be bypassed with the use of shared cookies.



Answer: B

Q11. The continue statement is used with a .

A. for or a while loop

B. for or a next loop

C. for loop

D. while statement

Answer: A

Q12. function empObject(name, age, department) { = name;

this.age = age; this.department = department; this.showOne = showOne;


The code above Defines a constructor function for a custom object named empObject. It contains three properties: name, age, and department. It contains one method: showOne



Answer: A

Q13. Language objects are named with a capital letter. Since JavaScript is case sensitive, using lower case to refer to one of these objects will cause an error.



Answer: A

Q14. When using frames, where should functions and variables be stored in a JavaScript-based Web site?

A. Anywhere in the Web server that has an appropriate set of permissions to access and write.

B. Anywhere in the HTML pages that not invoked in making the frameset.

C. In any HTML file that is invoked in making the frameset.

D. In the cgi-bin directory of the Web server.

Answer: C

Q15. JavaScript is not platform independent.

A. False

B. True

Answer: A

Q16. JavaScript is a strong object-oriented language that relies, for a large part of its functionality, on objects and their attendant methods and properties.

A. False


Answer: A

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