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New CIW 1D0-435 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 6 - Question 15)

Q1. A button that changes its image on mouseover is an example of .

A. the mouseover object

B. the mouseover method

C. the mouseover property

D. the image object

Answer: D

Q2. Once the constructor is defined, you need to create new instances of the object. This process is called .

A. constructing

B. populating

C. instantiation

D. calling

Answer: C

Q3. All browsers store cookies exactly the same way, in the same directory.



Answer: B

Q4. The contains path information for the URL that issued the cookie.

A. path=path pair

B. domain=domain pair

C. name=value pair

D. url=url pair

Answer: A

Q5. A is the specific color, width or height that belongs to the property of an object.

A. method

B. value

C. property

D. behavior

Answer: B

Q6. In JavaScript the operator += will

A. add together the operands and assign the result to the right operand.

B. assign the value of the right operand to the left operand.

C. do nothing because it should be =+.

D. add together the operands and assign the result to the left operand.

Answer: D

Q7. JavaScript and are scripting languages that are similar in purpose. Both extend the capabilities of static Web pages.

A. Java

B. C++

C. VBScript

D. Visual Basic

Answer: C

Q8. JavaScript contains no Keywords that you must use to achieve specific results.



Answer: A

Q9. After calling the constructor function, the keyword "constructor" returns the specific properties for the custom object to the calling instantiation statement.



Answer: B

Q10. What will the following JavaScript code do when it runs? var content="";

content += "<HTML><HEAD><BASE TARGET='_blank'></HEAD>"; content += "<BODY BGCOLOR='#CC9966' TEXT='#330000'>";

content += "Related Sites".big().fontcolor("blue") + "<P>\n"; content += "These sites are of interest to ";

content += "Afrikunda".italics(); content += " patrons.<P>\n";

A. open a new window with new content

B. create content on the fly

C. nothing, it is invalid

D. overwrite each line with the previous line

Answer: B

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