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Where can administrator edit a list of trusted SmartConsole clients in R80?

  • A. cpconfig on a Security Management Server, in the WebUI logged into a Security Management Server.
  • B. Only using SmartConsole: Manage and Settings > Permissions and Administrators > Advanced > Trusted Clients.
  • C. In cpconfig on a Security Management Server, in the WebUI logged into a Security Management Server, in SmartConsole: Manage and Settings>Permissions and Administrators>Advanced>Trusted Clients.
  • D. WebUI client logged to Security Management Server, SmartDashboard: Manage and Settings>Permissions and Administrators>Advanced>Trusted Clients, via cpconfig on a Security Gateway.

Answer: C

The SmartEvent R80 Web application for real-time event monitoring is called:

  • A. SmartView Monitor
  • B. SmartEventWeb
  • C. There is no Web application for SmartEvent
  • D. SmartView

Answer: B

Look at the following screenshot and select the BEST answer.
156-215.80 dumps exhibit

  • A. Clients external to the Security Gateway can download archive files from FTP_Ext server using FTP.
  • B. Internal clients can upload and download any-files to FTP_Ext-server using FTP.
  • C. Internal clients can upload and download archive-files to FTP_Ext server using FTP.
  • D. Clients external to the Security Gateway can upload any files to the FTP_Ext-server using FTP.

Answer: A

In what way is Secure Network Distributor (SND) a relevant feature of the Security Gateway?

  • A. SND is a feature to accelerate multiple SSL VPN connections
  • B. SND is an alternative to IPSec Main Mode, using only 3 packets
  • C. SND is used to distribute packets among Firewall instances
  • D. SND is a feature of fw monitor to capture accelerated packets

Answer: C

Which command is used to obtain the configuration lock in Gaia?

  • A. Lock database override
  • B. Unlock database override
  • C. Unlock database lock
  • D. Lock database user

Answer: A

Explanation: Obtaining a Configuration Lock
lock database override
unlock database

Why would an administrator see the message below?
156-215.80 dumps exhibit

  • A. A new Policy Package created on both the Management and Gateway will be deleted and must be packed up first before proceeding.
  • B. A new Policy Package created on the Management is going to be installed to the existing Gateway.
  • C. A new Policy Package created on the Gateway is going to be installed on the existing Management.
  • D. A new Policy Package created on the Gateway and transferred to the management will be overwritten bythe Policy Package currently on the Gateway but can be restored from a periodic backup on the Gateway.

Answer: B

You have enabled “Full Log” as a tracking option to a security rule. However, you are still not seeing any data type information. What is the MOST likely reason?

  • A. Logging has disk space issue
  • B. Change logging storage options on the logging server or Security Management Server properties and install database.
  • C. Data Awareness is not enabled.
  • D. Identity Awareness is not enabled.
  • E. Logs are arriving from Pre-R80 gateways.

Answer: A

Explanation: The most likely reason for the logs data to stop is the low disk space on the logging device, which can be the Management Server or the Gateway Server.

Which rule is responsible for the user authentication failure?
156-215.80 dumps exhibit

  • A. Rule 4
  • B. Rule 6
  • C. Rule 3
  • D. Rule 5

Answer: C

The technical-support department has a requirement to access an intranet server. When configuring a User Authentication rule to achieve this, which of the following should you remember?

  • A. You can only use the rule for Telnet, FTP, SMPT, and rlogin services.
  • B. The Security Gateway first checks if there is any rule that does not require authentication for this type of connection before invoking the Authentication Security Server.
  • C. Once a user is first authenticated, the user will not be prompted for authentication again until logging out.
  • D. You can limit the authentication attempts in the User Properties' Authentication tab.

Answer: B

Study the Rule base and Client Authentication Action properties screen.
156-215.80 dumps exhibit
156-215.80 dumps exhibit
After being authenticated by the Security Gateways, a user starts a HTTP connection to a Web site. What happens when the user tries to FTP to another site using the command line? The:

  • A. user is prompted for authentication by the Security Gateways again.
  • B. FTP data connection is dropped after the user is authenticated successfully.
  • C. user is prompted to authenticate from that FTP site only, and does not need to enter his username and password for Client Authentication
  • D. FTP connection is dropped by Rule 2.

Answer: C

In R80 Management, apart from using SmartConsole, objects or rules can also be modified using:

  • A. 3rd Party integration of CLI and API for Gateways prior to R80.
  • B. A complete CLI and API interface using SSH and custom CPCode integration.
  • C. 3rd Party integration of CLI and API for Management prior to R80.
  • D. A complete CLI and API interface for Management with 3rd Party integration.

Answer: B

R80 Security Management Server can be installed on which of the following operating systems?

  • A. Gaia only
  • B. Gaia, SPLAT, Windows Server only
  • C. Gaia, SPLAT, Windows Server and IPSO only
  • D. Gaia and SPLAT only

Answer: A

Explanation: R80 can be installed only on GAIA OS.
Supported Check Point Installations All R80 servers are supported on the Gaia Operating System:
• Security Management Server
• Multi-Domain Security Management Server
• Log Server
• Multi-Domain Log Server
• SmartEvent Server

What does it mean if Bob gets this result on an object search? Refer to the image below. Choose the BEST answer.
156-215.80 dumps exhibit

  • A. Search detailed is missing the subnet mask.
  • B. There is no object on the database with that name or that IP address.
  • C. There is no object on the database with that IP address.
  • D. Object does not have a NAT IP address.

Answer: B

Your company enforces a strict change control policy. Which of the following would be MOST effective for quickly dropping an attacker's specific active connection?

  • A. Change the Rule Base and install the Policy to all Security Gateways
  • B. Block Intruder feature of SmartView Tracker
  • C. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Policy install
  • D. SAM – Suspicious Activity Rules feature of SmartView Monitor

Answer: B

Fill in the blank: To build an effective Security Policy, use a _____ and _____ rule.

  • A. Cleanup; stealth
  • B. Stealth; implicit
  • C. Cleanup; default
  • D. Implicit; explicit

Answer: A

You want to store the GAiA configuration in a file for later reference. What command should you use?

  • A. write mem <filename>
  • B. show config -f <filename>
  • C. save config -o <filename>
  • D. save configuration <filename>

Answer: D

Fill in the blank: A ____ VPN deployment is used to provide remote users with secure access to internal corporate resources by authenticating the user through an internet browser.

  • A. Clientless remote access
  • B. Clientless direct access
  • C. Client-based remote access
  • D. Direct access

Answer: A

Explanation: Clientless - Users connect through a web browser and use HTTPS connections. Clientless solutions usually supply access to web-based corporate resources.

Using mgmt_cli, what is the correct syntax to import a host object called Server_1 from the CLI?

  • A. mgmt_cli add-host “Server_1” ip_address “” --format txt
  • B. mgmt_cli add host name “Server_1” ip_address “” --format json
  • C. mgmt_cli add object-host “Server_1” ip_address “” --format json
  • D. mgmt_cli add object “Server_1” ip_address “” --format json

Answer: A

Fill in the blank: The R80 feature _____ permits blocking specific IP addresses for a specified time period.

  • A. Block Port Overflow
  • B. Local Interface Spoofing
  • C. Suspicious Activity Monitoring
  • D. Adaptive Threat Prevention

Answer: C

Explanation: Suspicious Activity Rules Solution
Suspicious Activity Rules is a utility integrated into SmartView Monitor that is used to modify access privileges upon detection of any suspicious network activity (for example, several attempts to gain unauthorized access).
The detection of suspicious activity is based on the creation of Suspicious Activity rules. Suspicious Activity rules are Firewall rules that enable the system administrator to instantly block suspicious connections that are not restricted by the currently enforced security policy. These rules, once set (usually with an expiration date), can be applied immediately without the need to perform an Install Policy operation

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