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Q1. On which AP radio or radios is Cisco WGB association supported? 

A. 2.4 GHz only 

B. 2.4 or 5 GHz only 

C. 2.4, 5, or 4.9 GHz 

D. 5 GHz only 


Q2. A network engineer is configuring QoS and sees a DSCP value of 40. To which CoS value will this be mapped? 

A. 4 

B. 3 

C. 5 

D. 2 

E. 1 


Q3. By default, how long does a Mobility Services Engine wait for an echo response from a Wireless LAN Controller before declaring the neighbor dead? 

A. 10 Seconds 

B. 60 Seconds 

C. 15 Seconds 

D. 30 Seconds 


Q4. After implementing mDNS gateway, a school's network administrator notices that mDNS wireless printers are available over the whole network. Which feature can the admin use to restrict the printer mDNS advertisements to the AP that the printer is joined to and adjacent APs? 




D. Priority MAC 


Q5. A network engineer for a college dormitory notices that student devices are filling up the SP-DB and are not allowing the shared wireless printers to be discovered. Which feature can be used to reserve space in the SP-DB for the printers? 



C. Priority MAC 

D. sso 


Q6. A customer requires wireless traffic from the branch to be routed through the firewall at corporate headquarters. There is a RADIUS server in each branch location. Which FlexConnect state should be used in this scenario? 

A. local authentication and local switching 

B. local authentication and central switching 

C. central authentication and central switching 

D. central authentication and local switching 


Q7. What is the best practice for setting the WLC v7.0 use of WLAN QoS settings to support SIP phones on a VoWLAN? 

A. Configure SIP with static CAC only with SIP call snooping. 

B. Configure SIP with static CAC only without SIP call snooping. 

C. Configure SIP with load-based CAC only with SIP call snooping. 

D. Configure SIP with load-based CAC only without SIP call snooping. 

E. Configure SIP with load-based CAC and TSPEC only with SIP call snooping. 


Q8. A downstream packet containing a DSCP value arrives at the WLC Ethernet interface from the wired source network. The WLC is configured for QoS WLAN 802.1p mapping. How does the WLC treat the CAPWAP QoS marking when leaving the controller interface for the respective AP and final wireless client destination? 

A. No outer CAPWAP or inner QoS tagging is applied. 

B. No outer CAPWAP QoS tag is applied, but the original DSCP is maintained inside CAPWAP. 

C. The outer CAPWAP CoS is marked and capped while the inner DSCP maintains the original marking. 

D. The outer CAPWAP DHCP is marked and capped without any inner DSCP value. 


Q9. What are two functions of the RAP in a mesh network? (Choose two.) 

A. It provides a wired connection for the wireless mesh APs. 

B. It adds capacity and resilience to a mesh area. 

C. it creates a centralized management location for the mesh network. 

D. it reduces the hop count to the wireless network that is connected to the edge. 

E. it routes traffic from the wireless mesh to the wired network. 

Answer: B,D 

Q10. You are deploying a combination of Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phones 7921G and 7925G at your branch offices in a centralized call processing environment that requires high availability at branch locations. Which three components need to be verified before the wireless IP phones can be deployed? (Choose three.) 

A. Sufficient SRST license support at each branch location 

B. Support for local voice mail 

C. Branch gateways support MoH 

D. Properly configured QoS over the IP WAN links 

E. Support for single number reach 

F. Support for E.164 dialing 

G. Sufficient IP phone licenses in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster 

Answer: A,D,G