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Q131. Which two services are provided at the aggregation layer in a data center design? (Choose two.) 

A. service module integration 

B. default gateway redundancy 

C. high-speed packet switching backplane 

D. network interface card teaming 

E. Layer 3 domain definitions 

Answer: A,B 

Q132. Which two design recommendations are most appropriate when OSPF is the data center 

core routing protocol? (Choose two.) 

A. Never use passive interfaces. 

B. Use NSSA areas from the core down. 

C. Use totally stub areas to stop type 3 LSAs. 

D. Use the lowest Ethernet interface IP address as the router ID. 

E. Manipulate the reference bandwidth. 

Answer: B,E 

Q133. Which of the following facts must be considered when designing for IP telephony within an Enterprise Campus network? 

A. Because the IP phone is a three-port switch, IP telephony extends the network edge, impacting the Distribution layer. 

B. Video and voice are alike in being bursty and bandwidth intensive, and thus impose requirements to be lossless, and have minimized delay and jitter. 

C. IP phones have no voice and data VLAN separation, so security policies must be based on upper layer traffic characteristics. 

D. Though multi-VLAN access ports are set to dot1q and carry more than two VLANs they are not trunk ports. 


Q134. Which two ways to support secure transport of multicast traffic are true? (Choose two.) 

A. Use spoke-to-spoke design. 

B. Use IPsec over GRE tunnel. 

C. Use GET VPN. 

D. Use NBMA instead of broadcast. 

E. Disable encryption for multicast traffic. 

Answer: B,C 

Q135. A network engineer is designing an access layer that requires all uplinks to be active. Furthermore, VLANs must span across the entire switch block. What design fulfills this requirement? 

A. Layer 2 looped triangle 

B. Layer 2 looped square 

C. Layer 2 loop-free U 

D. Layer 2 loop-free inverted U 


Q136. Which option is a common cause of congestion found in a campus network? 

A. input serialization delay 

B. output serialization delay 

C. Rx-queue starvation 

D. Tx-queue starvation 


Q137. A designer should have which three technologies in the network before configuring MPLS Layer 3 VPNs? (Choose three.) 



C. Cisco Express Forwarding 


E. vPC 


Answer: A,B,C 

Q138. A network team must provide a redundant secure connection between two entities using OSPF. The primary connection will be an Ethernet Private Line and the secondary connection will be a site-to-site VPN. What needs to be configured in order to support routing requirements for over the VPN connection? 

A. GRE Tunnel 


C. Root Certificate 

D. AAA Server 


Q139. Which statement best describes Cisco OTV internal interfaces? 

A. They are Layer 2 interfaces that are configured as either access or trunk interfaces on the switch. 

B. They are interfaces that perform Layer 3 forwarding with aggregation switches. 

C. They are the interfaces that connect to the ISP. 

D. They are tunnel interfaces that are configured with GRE encapsulation. 


Q140. What three benefits exist when utilizing Cisco Nexus technology for implementing a unified fabric design? (Choose three.) 

A. reduced cabling 

B. fewer adapters 

C. consolidated switching 

D. increased bandwidth 

E. enhanced redundancy 

F. improved convergence 

Answer: A,B,C