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Q91. A large enterprise customer is migrating thousands of retail offices from legacy TDM circuits to an Ethernet-based service. The network is running OSPF and has been stable for many years. It is now possible to backhaul the circuits directly to the data centers, bypassing the regional aggregation routers. Which two networking issues need to be addressed to ensure stability with the new design? (Choose two.) 

A. Nothing will change if the number of offices is the same. 

B. Nothing will change if the number of physical interfaces stays the same. 

C. The RIB will increase significantly. 

D. The FIB will increase significantly. 

E. The amount of LSA flooding will increase significantly. 

F. The size of the link-state database will increase significantly. 

Answer: EF 

Q92. To meet specific business requirements, QoS-marked traffic must be sent over a dedicated link. Which technology fulfills this requirement? 


B. Q-in-Q tunneling 

C. policy-based routing 

D. EIGRP with modified metrics 


Q93. A network administrator is in charge of multiple IPsec VPN headend devices that service thousands of remote connectivity, point-to-point, IPsec/GRE tunnels. During a recent power outage, in which it was found that a backup power supply in one of those headend devices was faulty, one of the headend routers suffered a complete shutdown event. When the router was successfully recovered, remote users found intermittent connectivity issues that went away after several hours. Network operations staff accessed the headend devices and found that the recently recovered unit was near 100% CPU for a long period of time. How would you redesign the network VPN headend devices to prevent this from happening again in the future? 

A. Move the tunnels more evenly across the headend devices. 

B. Implement Call Admission Control. 

C. Use the scheduler allocate command to curb CPU usage. 

D. Change the tunnels to DMVPN. 


Q94. When adding an IPSec headend termination device to your network design, which two performance indicators are the most accurate to determine device scalability? (Choose two.) 

A. CPU capabilities 

B. bandwidth capabilities 

C. packets per second capabilities 

D. maximum tunnel termination capabilities 

Answer: CD 

Q95. A company plans to establish a new network using Cisco Catalyst switches for its multicast applications. What is the disadvantage when two multicast applications are using the multicast IP addresses and inside the same network? 

A. Multicast packets from both applications are flooded to all Layer 2 ports in a segment where a multicast receiver is located. 

B. Multicast packets from both applications are flooded to ports where one multicast receiver from one application is located. 

C. Only one multicast stream is received at the port where the receivers from both applications are located. 

D. Both multicast senders will always receive the multicast packets from the other multicast application. 

E. The routers doing PIM-SM cannot distinguish between the two multicast applications. 


Q96. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which two options are two characteristics of the single-tier headend architecture for DMVPN designs? (Choose two.) 

A. The mGRE and crypto functions are on the same router. 

B. Each DMVPN cloud has two different headend routers for high availability purposes. 

C. It is used in dual-cloud topologies for spoke-to-spoke connectivity. 

D. It only supports hub-and-spoke connectivity. 

E. Spokes cannot be used as RP in multicast deployments. 

Answer: AC 

Q97. A company requests that you consult with them regarding the design of their production, development, and test environments. They indicate that the environments must communicate effectively, but they must be kept separate due to the inherent failures on the development network. What will be configured on the links between the networks to support their design requirements? 




D. static routes 


Q98. During a corporate merger, a network designer is asked for a solution that will provide connectivity between the two enterprise networks. The solution must have the ability to support video sessions so that the CEO can message merger activities to the employees. The designer decides to consider multicast as a transport with MSDP to provide redundancy. Which transport feature does the network designer need to apply to the interconnecting firewall to ensure that Source-Active messages between the MSDP peers can be sent in both enterprise networks? 

A. unicast over a UDP connection 

B. multicast over a UDP connection 

C. unicast over a TCP connection 

D. multicast over a TCP connection 


Q99. A multicast network is using bidirectional PIM. Which two actions, when combined, can achieve high availability so that two RPs within the same network can act in a redundant manner? (Choose two.) 

A. Use Anycast RP based on MSDP peering between the two RPs. 

B. Use a phantom RP address. 

C. Advertise routes for the two RPs with the same subnet mask through the unicast routing protocol. 

D. Advertise routes for the two RPs with different subnet mask lengths through the unicast routing protocol. 

E. Manipulate the administrative distance of the unicast routes to the two RPs. 

F. Manipulate the multicast routing table by creating static mroutes to the two RPs. 

Answer: BD 

Q100. Refer to the exhibit. 

Assume that no multicast optimization is done on LAN switches A and B. Which feature can be used to optimize multicast traffic forwarding in this situation? 

A. Enable IGMP snooping querier on both switches. 

B. Configure a static MAC entry for the multicast server. 

C. Disable IGMP snooping on both switches. 

D. Disable the IGMP query election process. 

E. Enable PIM Snooping on both switches.