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Q31. A user’s CRT display is not displaying colors correctly. Turning the display to the right or left sometimes temporarily corrects the problem. Which of the following should the technician check? 

A. The video card display driver 

B. The CRT power cable 

C. The video cable 

D. The CRT On Screen Display (OSD) 


Q32. Which of the following should be used to ensure that a Windows OS is functioning optimally? 

A. Driver updates 

B. Scheduled backups 

C. Application updates 

D. Restore points 


Q33. An engineer working with large detailed CAD files notices over time that the workstation is taking significantly longer to open files that used to launch quickly. Other applications work fine, and the engineer confirms all of the data has been backed up the night before. A technician determines that the workstation is about two years old. Which of the following would be the technician’s FIRST step in troubleshooting the problem? 

A. Run defrag on the hard drive 

B. Restore the CAD files from backup 

C. Replace the hard drive 

D. Remove and reinstall the CAD software 


Q34. A computer was recently infected by malware after a flash drive was plugged in. The user, Ann, indicates she never opened any files or folders from the flash drive. A technician needs to prevent this from occurring in the future. Which of the following would accomplish this? 

A. BitLocker To Go 

B. Set strong passwords 

C. Disable usermin 

D. Disable AutoRun 


Q35. A user frequently travels with a Windows laptop and connects to several wireless networks. At a new location, the user reports that the locally shared printers are not available on the wireless connection. Which of the following would be causing the issue? 

A. The location profile is set to public. 

B. Workgroup is disabled. 

C. The proxy settings are misconfigured. 

D. Remote assistance is not configured. 


Most recent 220-902 question:


You have been tasked with setting up a new executive's laptop on his home network. After an investigation, you find that his home network is wired and has the following settings: 

. IP range is 

. Netmask is 

. Default gateway is 

Additionally, the router's address is used as the primary DNS server and WINS is not in use. 

Please configure the laptop with an IP address of, ensuring that the laptop will still work when plugged into the switch at the office, which is configured for DHCP. Do not make any other unnecessary configurations to the laptop. 

Instructions: Keyboard shortcuts are not available. When you have completed the simulation, please select the done button to submit your answer. 

Answer: Review the explanation for all details: 

Q37. A technician has imported a .dll to fix a missing .dll issue on a PC. The application still does not run correctly and is reporting that the .dll is missing. Which of the following tools would the technician use to complete the import of the .dll? 

A. gpresult 

B. msconfig 

C. regedit 

D. gpupdate 

E. regsrv32 


Q38. A technician has upgraded four computers and would like to securely repurpose the hard drives for later use. Which of the following should the technician do to the drives to prepare them for later use? 

A. chkdsk 

B. Degauss 

C. Quick format 

D. Drive wipe 


Q39. Which of the following best practices is used to fix a zero-day vulnerability on Linux? 

A. Scheduled backup 

B. Scheduled disk maintenance 

C. Patch management 

D. Antivirus update 


Q40. A user, Ann, has reported that she lost a laptop. The laptop had sensitive corporate information on it that has been published on the Internet. Which of the following is the FIRST step in implementing a best practice security policy? 

A. Require biometric identification to log into the laptop. 

B. Require multifactor authentication to log into laptop. 

C. Require laptop hard drives to be encrypted. 

D. Require users to change their password at frequent intervals. 

E. Require users to have strong passwords.