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Q1. Use the router console to view the configuration and answer the question. 

Emergency calls from a Branch router phone is failing. From the router configuration information provided, why is this call failing? 

A. The dial-peer port assignment is incorrect 

B. the digit string prefix is missing 

C. The destination pattern is incorrect 

D. digit stripping needs to be performed 



The emergency dial peer configuration is shown below from the Branch routers: 

\psfHome.TrashScreen Shot 2015-03-11 at 8.48.49 AM.png 

Here we can see that 911 does not actually match the configured destination patterns. 

Q2. Two departments have their own call-park slot to park calls..Which feature on Cisco Unified CME allows one department to answer a call for another department? 

A. Call park 

B. Call forward 

C. Call transfer 

D. Pickup-group 

E. Barge-in 


Q3. An engineer is syncing Cisco Unity Connection with LDAP. Which three things should the engineer consider during this process? (Choose three.) 

A. PINs and passwords are replicated from the LDAP database to Cisco Unity Connection database. 

B. LDAP authentication must be configured and enabled. 

C. There is no limit to the amount of LDAP filters that can be created. 

D. SSL certificates from LDAP must be uploaded to Cisco Unity Connection. 

E. LDAP synchronization must be configured and enabled. 

F. Cisco Unity Connection supports integrations with OpenLDAP. 

Answer: C,E,F 

Q4. A company has invested in an on-premises VoIP solution. For design simplicity purposes, network engineers have opted to use a single VLAN for both data and voice traffic. Shortly after implementing IP phones, customers are reporting problems. 

Which two potential problems may be reported about the calls as a result of this design decision? (Choose two.) 

A. jitter detected in voice calls 

B. problems with email latency 

C. slow internet download speeds 

D. choppy voice calls 

E. PCs are getting IP addresses but phones are not 

Answer: A,D 

77. A user is assigned more than one directory number. Which option allows one voicemail box to serve both directory numbers? 

A. Alternate Extension 

B. Notification Devices 

C. Alternate Names 

D. Message Settings 

E. Caller Input 

F. Mailbox 


Q5. Which component is needed for a voice call to be processed between the enterprise Cisco Unified Communications system and a cell phone via the PSTN? 

A. Cisco Analog Voice Gateway VG224 

B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager call processing node 

C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Music On Hold node 

D. Cisco Integrated Service Router with digital signal processor resources 


Q6. Which client supports Cisco Unified Presence? 

A. Jabber 

B. Lync 

C. Skype 

D. Quip 


Q7. Use the router console to view the configuration and answer the question. 

Calls to National numbers are failing. Using the Branch router configuration, correctly determine why these calls are not successful 

A. The port assignment should be 0/0/0:12 

B. The destination pattern should be 90[1-9]T 

C. The character "T" cannot be used in a Pots dial pattern 

D. The digit prefix should be "00" 



The National dial peer configuration is shown below: 

\psfHomeDesktopScreen Shot 2015-03-11 at 8.58.38 AM.png 

Q8. A technician is checking services in response to the recent failed delivery of all voicemails. Which service must be running for message delivery to function properly? 

A. Connection DB Event Publisher 

B. Connection Database Proxy 

C. Connection Notifier 

D. Connection Message Transfer Agent 


Q9. Which three choices are required for the boot process for a Cisco IP phone? (Choose three.) 

A. TFTP services 

B. DHCP services 

C. Voice VLAN 

D. Routing protocol 


F. PortFast 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q10. Which IM and Presence chat feature allows for an always-available chat room that remains active, even if all of the participants leave the chat? 

A. Personal 

B. Group 

C. Persistent 

D. Ad-hoc