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New Cisco 200-310 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

New Questions 3

What query should you make if you want to find all objects of a particular type in an MIT tree?

A. mid-tree-level

B. class-level

C. object-level

D. tree-level

Answer: B


New Questions 4

In the traditional hierarchical LAN design, which two statements about the distribution layer are true? (Choose Two)

A. It uses Layer 2 switching only.

B. It typically is connected directly to the internet

C. it aggregates data from the access layer

D. Policy is omplemented at this layer

E. It provides users direct access to the network.

Answer: C,D


New Questions 5

If two routing protocols have the same route and prefix, which effect do they have on the routing table?

A. Only the route with the lowest administrative distance is added.

B. Only the route with the highest administrative distance is added.

C. Both routes are added.

D. Neither route is added, and a loop is formed.

Answer: A

New Questions 6

Which four services does the architecture for Media Services contain? (Choose four.)

A. access services

B. transport services

C. storage services

D. forwarding services

E. session control services

F. security services

G. filtering services

H. remote access services

Answer: A,B,C,E


An architecture framework for media services supports different models of video models. As shown in Figure 14-13, the network provides service to video media in the Media Services Framework. Those services are access services, transport services, bridging services, storage servers, and session control services, which arc provided to endpoints. Access services provide identity of end devices, mobility, and location services. Transport services provide QoS for reliable packet delivery.

Bridging services provide transcoding, conferencing, and recording services of media streams.

Storage services provide capture and storage of media streams and content management

and distribution.

Session control services provide session signaling and control and gateway services.

New Questions 7

Which tow considerations are important when designing the core layer? (Choose two)

A. port security

B. PoE

C. Access list requirements

D. low latency

E. redundancy

Answer: D,E

New Questions 8

What are two advantages of employing scalability when designing a campus network? (Choose two.)

A. reduces operational cost

B. higher port density

C. investment protection

D. consistent operation

E. improved fault tolerance

Answer: D,E

New Questions 9

What type of topology supports WAN redundancy when a balance is required between cost, high availability, and performance?

A. partial meshed

B. full meshed

C. star

D. ring

E. hub-and-spoke

F. bus

G. point-to-point

Answer: A

New Questions 10

What are two benefits of the bottom-up design approach? (Choose two.)

A. allows a quick response to a design request

B. facilitates design that is based on previous experience

C. requires little or no notation of actual organizational requirements for implementation

D. incorporates organizational requirements

E. provides a broader overview to the organization and the designer

Answer: A,B

New Questions 11

Which statement describes the methodology that supports the Cisco Enterprise Architecture models?

A. It divides the network into functional network modules.

B. It divides the network into role-based network modules.

C. It divides the network into regional network modules.

D. It divides the network into operational network modules.

Answer: A

New Questions 12

Under which phase of the Cisco Design Lifecycle would you evaluate the network infrastructure for its adherence to best polices and corporate policies?

A. In the Validation stage of the Build phase

B. In the Deployment stage of the Build phase

C. In the Assessment stage of the Plane phase

D. In the Optimize stage of the Mange phase

Answer: A

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