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2021 Mar 200-310 practice test

Q121. Which of these statements is true concerning the data center access layer design? 

A. The access layer in the data center is typically built at Layer 3, which allows for better sharing of services across multiple servers. 

B. With Layer 2 access, the default gateway for the servers can be configured at the access or aggregation layer. 

C. A dual-homing NIC requires a VLAN or trunk between the two access switches to support the dual IP addresses on the two server links to two separate switches. 

D. The access layer is normally not required, as dual homing is standard from the servers to the aggregation layer. 


Q122. An application uses broadcast traffic to send data to IPv4 hosts. How can the application communicate using IPv6? 

A. Anycast 

B. Unicast 

C. Broadcast 

D. Multicast 


Q123. What two features are advantages of adding a secondary WAN link at the enterprise edge? (Choose two.) 

A. provides additional bandwidth and load balancing capabilities 

B. acts as a backup link in event the primary link fails 

C. reduces capital and operational costs 

D. improves security and prevents against denial of service attacks 

E. distributes traffic proactively based on link utilization 

Answer: A,B 

Q124. Which four services does the architecture for Media Services contain? (Choose four.) 

A. access services 

B. transport services 

C. storage services 

D. forwarding services 

E. session control services 

F. security services 

G. filtering services 

H. remote access services 

Answer: A,B,C,E 


An architecture framework for media services supports different models of video models. As shown in Figure 14-13, the network provides service to video media in the Media Services Framework. Those services are access services, transport services, bridging services, storage servers, and session control services, which arc provided to endpoints. 

Access services provide identity of end devices, mobility, and location services. 

Transport services provide QoS for reliable packet delivery. 

Bridging services provide transcoding, conferencing, and recording services of media streams. 

Storage services provide capture and storage of media streams and content management and distribution. 

Session control services provide session signaling and control and gateway services. 



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Q126. Which Cisco Wireless LAN Controller interface is used for out-of-band management? 

A. service port 

B. management port 

C. controller port 

D. virtual port 


Q127. Which network access control technology is recommended to use with Layer 2 access layer switches? 

A. 802.1q 

B. 802.1x 

C. 802.3af 

D. 802.3q 

E. 802.11n 


Q128. Your supervisor wants you to recommend a management protocol that will allow you to track overall bandwidth utilization, utilization by traffic type, and utilization by source and destination. Which is ideally suited for this function? 


B. NetFlow 




Q129. Which HSRP parameters must match, to ensure proper functionality? 

A. group parameters 

B. priority parameters 

C. preempt parameters 

D. tracking parameters 


Q130. Which three are valid Layer 2 access designs? (Choose three.) 

A. Looped Triangle 

B. Looped Square 

C. Looped U 

D. Loop-Free Triangle 

E. Loop-Free Square 

F. Loop-Free U 

Answer: A,B,F