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Q61. Which Cisco device has the sole function at looking at threat detection and mitigation at the Enterprise edge? 

A. Cisco IOS router 

B. Cisco ASA 

C. Cisco Catalyst FWSM 

D. Cisco IPS 


Q62. Which protocol is the recommended first-hop redundancy protocol for an existing infrastructure that contains multiple vendors and platforms? 






Q63. When designing a WAN backup for voice and video applications, what three types of connections should be used? (Choose three.) 

A. Private WAN 

B. internet 



E. dial-up 



Answer: A,C,D 

Q64. Which three terms describe the primary functions of the distribution layer of the campus network design hierarchy? (Choose three.) 

A. provides end-user connectivity 

B. provides high speed transport 

C. provides QoS services 

D. enforces security policies 

E. provides WAN connections 

F. connects access devices to the core backbone 

Answer: C,D,F 

Explanation: Link: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/solutions/Enterprise/Campus/campover.html#wp708979 

Q65. WAN backup over the Internet is often used to provide primary connection redundancy. Which is the most important consideration when passing corporate traffic over the public Internet? 

A. security 

B. static versus dynamic routing 

C. bandwidth 

D. QoS 

E. latency 



WAN Backup over the Internet Another alternative for WAN backup is to use the Internet as the connectivity transport between sites. However, keep in mind that this type of connection does not support bandwidth guarantees. The enterprise also needs to work closely with the ISP to set up the tunnels and advertise the company's networks internally so that remote offices have reachable IP destinations. Security is of great importance when you rely on the Internet for network connectivity, so a secure tunnel using IPsec needs to be deployed to protect the data during transport. 

Q66. With deterministic Wireless LAN Controller redundancy design, the different options available to the designer have their own strengths. Which one of these statements is an example of such a strength? 

A. Dynamic load balancing, or salt-and-pepper access point design, avoids the potential impact of oversubscription on aggregate network performance. 

B. N+N redundancy configuration allows logically grouping access points on controllers to minimize intercontroller roaming events. 

C. N+N+1 redundancy configuration has the least impact to system management because all of the controllers are colocated in an NOC or data center. 

D. N+1 redundancy configuration uses Layer 3 intercontroller roaming, maintaining traffic on the same subnet for more efficiency. 


Explanation: With such an arrangement there is no complex mesh of access points & controllers. Link: http://www.cisco.com/web/learning/le31/le46/cln/qlm/CCDA/design/understanding-wireless-network-controller-technology-3/player.html 

N+N WLC Redundancy With N+N redundancy, shown in Figure 5-14. an equal number of controllers hack up each other. For example, a pair of WLCs on one floor serves as a backup to a second pair on another floor. The top WLC is primary for API and AP2 and secondary for AP3 and AP4. The bottom WLC is primary for AP3 and AP4 and secondary for API and AP2. There should be enough capacity on each controller to manage a failover situation. 

N+N+1 WLC Redundancy 

With N+N+1 redundancy, shown in Figure 5-15, an equal number of controllers back up each other (as with N+N), plus a backup WLC is configured as the tertiary WLC for the APs. N+N+1 redundancy functions the same as N+N redundancy plus a tertiary controller that backs up the secondary controllers. The tertiary WLC is placed in the data center or network operations center 

Q67. What is the most compact representation of the following IPv6 address? 


A. 2001:db8::cafe::1234 

B. 2001:db8::cafe:0000:0000:1234 

C. 2001:db8:0:0:cafe::1234 

D. 2001:db8::cafe:0:1234 


Q68. Which is part of the Prepare phase of PPDIOO? 

A. Obtain site contact information 

B. Perform network audit 

C. Identify customer requirements 

D. Perform gap analysis 



Prepare Phase The Prepare phase establishes organization and business requirements, develops a network strategy, and proposes a high-level conceptual architecture to support the strategy. Technologies that support the architecture are identified. This phase creates a business case to establish a financial justification for a network strategy. 

Q69. Your company's Cisco routers are operating with EIGRP. You need to join networks with an acquisition's heterogeneous routers at 3 sites, operating with EIGRP and OSPF. Which describes the best practice for routing protocol deployment? 

A. Apply OSPF throughout both networks 

B. Apply one-way redistribution exclusively at each location 

C. Apply two-way redistribution exclusively at each location 

D. Apply two-way redistribution at each location with a route filter at only one location 

E. Apply two-way redistribution at each location with a route filter at each location 

F. Apply EIGRP with the same autonomous system throughout both networks 


Explanation: Without filters there is possibility of routing loops. 



Q70. What part of the network does a top-down network design focus on for solution development? 

A. presentation 

B. hardware 

C. session 

D. application 

E. data link 

F. transport