Exam Code: ccda 200 310 official cert guide (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: DESGN Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions
Certification Provider: Cisco
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New Cisco 200-310 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 12 - Question 21)

New Questions 12

In which phase of PPDIOO are the network requirements identified?

A. Design

B. Plan

C. Prepare

D. Implement

E. Operate

F. Optimize

Answer: B


Plan Phase

The Plan phase identifies the network requirements based on goals, facilities, and user needs. This phase characterizes sites and assesses the network, performs a gap analysis against best-practice architectures, and looks at the operational environment. A project plan is developed to manage the tasks, responsible parties, milestones, and resources to do the design and implementation. The project plan aligns with the scope, cost, and resource parameters established with the original business requirements. This project plan is followed (and updated) during all phases of the cycle.

New Questions 13

Refer to the exhibit.

A standard, Layer 2 campus network design is pictured. Which numbered box represents the distribution layer?

A. #1

B. #2

C. #3

D. #4

Answer: B

New Questions 14

Where in the network hierarchy should network access control be performed?

A. backbone

B. core

C. access

D. distribution

Answer: C

New Questions 15

Which routing protocol provides the fastest convergence and greatest flexibility within a campus environment?





Answer: D

New Questions 16

What design feature should be considered when accessing resources from a remote data center over a WAN connection?

A. security

B. bandwidth

C. reliability

D. management

Answer: B

New Questions 17

Refer to the exhibit.

You are designing routing between building distribution switches and campus core switches. Assuming that all links have the same speed, which statement about these designs is true?

A. Option A has more fault tolerance but slower convergence than Option B.

B. Option A has more fault tolerance and faster convergence than Option B.

C. Option B has more fault tolerance but slower convergence than Option A.

D. Option B has more fault tolerance and faster convergence than Option A.

Answer: B

New Questions 18

Which IP address can be routed to cross the public Internet?





Answer: C

New Questions 19

Consider the reservation of IP Addressing what mask you will use in a point to point connection between two Buildings

A. B.

B. C.

C. D.

Answer: C

New Questions 20

A data center is being deployed, and one design requirement is to be able to readily scale server virtualization. Which IETF standard technology can provide this requirement?

A. Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links

B. Cisco FabricPath

C. data center bridging

D. Cisco Unified Fabric

Answer: A

New Questions 21

Refer to the exhibit.

Which next hop will the router select if given an IP packet with the destination address

A. Router 2

B. Router 1

C. Interface 0

D. Interface 1

Answer: A

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