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Q91. APIs for dynamically registering servlets and filters can be called at: 

A. Context initialization time 

B. Any time 

C. There is no way to dynamically register servlets and filters 

D. Context destruction time 

E. Injected into a servlet context 

Answer: A

Q92. Given the element from the web application deployment descriptor: 

<jsp – property – group> 

<url – pattern>/main/page1.jsp</url – pattern> 

<scripting – invalid>true</scripting – invalid> 


And given that /main/page1.jsp contains: 

<% int i = 12; %> 

<b> <%= i %> </b> 

What is the result? 

A. <b> <b> 

B. <b> l2 </b> 

C. The JSP fails to execute. 

D. <% int i = 12 %> 

<b> <%= i % > < b> 

Answer: C

Q93. View the exhibit. 

Assume the tag library in the exhibit is placed in a web application in the path /WEB-INF/tld/example.tld. 


2.<ex:hello /> 

Which JSP code, inserted at line 1, completes the JSP code to invoke the hello tag? 

A. <%@ taglib prefix=“ex” uri=“/WEB-INF/tld” %> 

B. <%@ tagliburi=“/WEB-INF/tld/example.tld” %> 

C. <%@ taglib prefix=“ex” uri:=“http://localhost:8080/tld/example.tld”%> 

D. <%@ taglib prefix=“ex” uri:=“”%> 

Answer: D 



What is the result? 

A. Line 24 can never be reached. 

B. The deployment descriptor is NOT valid. 

C. If line 24 executes, the user’s role will be Admin. 

D. If line 24 executes, the user’s role will be Administrator. 

E. If line 24 executes, the user’s role will NOT be predictable. 

Answer: D 

Q95. You are implementing a model component. You realize that an IOException might arise if you lose connection to the database. How should you address this? 

A. Implement multipathing to provide redundant connectivity to the database, thereby avoiding that risk of connection failure. 

B. Provide an error handler page, and use the page directive in the invoking ISP to redirect to that page if the error arises. 

C. Use the JSTL <c:catch> tag to take control if the exception arises. 

D. Surround the problem area with a try/catch block and implement appropriate recovery or fallback behavior. 

Answer: C

Replace 1Z0-899 training:


 session.setAttribute(key, “Hello”); 


Which is true? 

A. Only a single instance of Myobject may exist within a session 

B. The unbound method of the Myobject instance is called when the session to which it is bound times out 

C. The com.example.MyObject must be declared as a servlet event listener in the web application deployment descriptor 

D. The valueUnbound method of the Myobject instance is called when the session to which it is bound times out 

Answer: D 

Q98. All of your JSPs need to have a link that permits users to email the web master. This web application is licensed to many small businesses, each of which have a different email address for the web master. You have decided to use a context parameter that you specify in the deployment descriptor, like this: 

42. <context-param> 

43. <param-name>webmasterEmail</param-name> 

44. <param-value></param-value> 


Which JSP code snippet creates this email link? 

A. <a href=‘mailto:${contextParam.webmaterEmail}’>contact us</a> 

B. <a href=‘mailto:${applicationScope.webmaterEmail}’>contact us</a> 

C. <a href=‘mailto:${contextInitParam.webmaterEmail}’>contact us</a> 

D. <a href=‘mailto:${initParam.webmaterEmail}’>contact us</a> 

Answer: D 



Q100. A developer chooses to avoid using singieThreadModel but wants to ensure that data If; updated in a thread safe manner. 

Which two can support this design goal? (Choose two) 

A. Store the data in a local variable. 

B. Store the data in an instance variable. 

C. Store the data in the Httpsession object. 

D. Store the data in the sarvletContext object. 

E. Store the data in the ServletRequest object. 

Answer: AE