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2021 Jun 1Z0-899 free question

Q11. Refer to the Exhibit. 

A servlet sets a session-scoped attribute product with an instance of com.example.product an forward to a JSP. 

Which two output the name of the product in the response? (Choose two) 

A. <%= product.getName() %> 

B. <jsp:useBean id="product" class="com.example.Product" /> 

<%= product.getName() %> 

C. <jsp:useBean id="com.example.Product" scope="page"> 

<%= product.getName() %> 


D. <jsp:useBean id="product" type="com.example.Product" 

scope="page" /> 

<%= product.getName() %> 

E. <jsp:useBean id="product" type="com.example.Product"> 

<%= product.getName() %> </jsp:useBean> 

Answer: BD

Q12. You need to create a JavaBean object that is used only within the current ISP page. It must NOT be accessible to any other page including those that this page might import. 

Which JSP standard action < .in accomplish this goal? 

A. <jsp:useBean id = ‘pageBean’ type = ‘com.example.MyBean’ /> 

B. <jsp:useBean id = ‘pageBean’ class = ‘com.example.MyBean’ /> 

C. <jsp:makeBean id = ‘pageBean’ type = ‘com.example.MyBean’ /> 

D. <jsp:makeBean id = ‘pageBean’ class = ‘com.example.MyBean’ /> 

E. <jsp:useBean id = ‘pageBean’ class = ‘com.example.MyBean’ /> 

F. <jsp:makeBean id = ‘pageBean’ class = ‘com.example.MyBean’ /> 

Answer: B

Q13. A servlet wishes to indicate that it is unable to initialize at the present time, but that the initialization might succeed at some future time. Which is true? 

A. This cannot be expressed. A servlet either initializes correctly or fails. 

B. This expression is not necessary. If a servlet fails to initialize, the container will try again later each time a request is received that attempts to invoke that servlet. 

C. The servlet should delay until it is ready to complete initialization successfully. 

D. The servlet should throw an UnavailableException 

E. The servlet should throw a servletException 

Answer: E

Q14. Click the Exhibit button. 

Given the HTML form: 

1. <html> 

2. <body> 

3. <form action="submit.jsp"> 

4. Name: <input type="text" name="i1"><br> 

5. Price: <input type="text" name="i2"><br> 

6. <input type="submit"> 

7. </form> 

8. </body> 

9. </html> 

Assume the product attribute does NOT yet exist in any scope. 

Which code snippet, in submit.jsp, instantiates an instance of com.example.Product that contains the results of the form submission? 

A. <jsp:useBean id="com.example.Product" /> 

<jsp:setProperty name="product" property="*" /> 

B. <jsp:useBean id="product" class="com.example.Product" /> 

${ = param.i1} 

${product.price = param.i2} 

C. <jsp:useBean id="product" class="com.example.Product"> 

<jsp:setProperty name="product" property="name" 

param="i1" /> 

<jsp:setProperty name="product" property="price" 

param="i2" /> 


D. <jsp:useBean id="product" type="com.example.Product"> 

<jsp:setProperty name="product" property="name" 

value="<%= request.getParameter( "i1" ) %>" /> 

<jsp:setProperty name="product" property="price" 

value="<%= request.getParameter( "i2" ) %>" /> 


Answer: C

Q15. Which is a benefit of precompiling a JSP page? 

A. It avoids initialization on the first request. 

B. It provides the ability to debug runtime errors in the application. 

C. It provides better performance on the first request for the JSP page. 

D. It avoids execution of the _jspService method on the first request. 

Answer: C

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Q16. You are building a dating service web site. Part of the form to submit a client's profile is a group of radio buttons for the person's hobbies: 

20. <input type = ‘radio’ name = ‘hobbyEnum’ value = ‘HIKING’> Hiking <br> 

21. <input type = ‘radio’ name = ‘hobbyEnum’ value = ‘SKING’> Sking <br> 

22. <input type = ‘radio’ name = ‘hobbyEnum’ value = ‘SCUBA’> SCUBA <br> 

23. <! - - and more options - - >> 

After the user submits this form, a confirmation screen is displayed with these hobbies listed. Assume that an application-scoped hobbies, holds a map between the hobby enumerated type and the display name. 

Which EL code snippet will display Nth element of the user's selected hobbles? 

A. ${hobbies [hobbyEnum[N]} 

B. ${hobbies [paramValues.hobbyEnum[N]]} 

C. ${hobbies [paramValues @ ‘hobbyEnum’ @N] 

D. ${hobbies.get(paramValues.hobbyEnum[N]) } 

E. ${hobbies [paramValues.hobbyEnum.get(N)] } 

Answer: B

Q17. } 

Which code snippet on line 14, will determine the age of the session? 

A. session.getMaxInactiveInterval(); 

B. session.getLastAccessed().getTime() – session.getCreationTime().getTime(); 

C. session.getLastAccessedTime().getTime() – session.getCreationTime().getTime(); 

D. session.getLastAccessed() - session.getCreationTime(); 

E. session.getMaxInactiveInterval() – session.getCreationTime(); 

F. session.getLastAccessedTime() – session.getCreationTime(); 

Answer: F 

Q18. Which java code snippet checks whether the user is of the role “MANAGER” for a given HttpServRequest, httpServletRequest? 

A. httpServletRequest.isUserInRole(“MANAGER”); 

B. httpServletRequest.isCallerInRole(“MANAGER”); 

C. httpServletRequest.isPrincipalInRole(“MANAGER”); 

D. httpServletRequest.isAuthnticatedUserInRole(“MANAGER”); 

Answer: A 

Q19. When using Servlet asynchronous API if you want to dispatch the request back to a particular url -"/url" within the same Servlet Context which of the following API would you use? 

A. ASyncContext.dispatch(); 

B. AsyncContext.dispatch("/url"); 

C. AsyncContext.dispatch(servletContext, "/url"); 

D. AsyncContext.start(runnable); 

E. RequestDispatcher.fotward("/url"); 

F. RequestDispatcher.forward(servletContext, "/url"); 

G. RequestDispatcher.include("/url"); 

Answer: AC 

Q20. Which statement is true about web container session management? 

A. Access to session-scoped attributes is guaranteed to be thread-safe by the web container. 

B. To activate URL rewriting, the developer must use the HttpServletResponse.setURLRewriting method. 

C. If the web application uses HTTPS, then the web container may use the data on the HTTPS request stream to identify the client. 

D. The JSESSIONID cookie is stored permanently on the client so that a user may return to the web application and the web container will rejoin that session. 

Answer: C