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Q1. Given the annotation for MyServlet: 

@WebServlet{"/abc") @ServletSecurity (value=@HttpConstraint) 

public class Myservlet extends Httpservlet { 

Which two are true? (Choose two) 

A. No protection of user data must be performed by the transport. 

B. All user data must be encrypted by the transport. 

C. Access is to be denied independent of authentication state and identity. 

D. Only authenticated users are to be permitted. 

E. Access is to be permitted independent of authentication state and identity. 

Answer: BC


// class body code here 




Q5. View the Exhibit. 

Assume the product attribute does NOT yet exist in any scope. 

Which two create an instance of com.example.Product and initialize the name and price properties to the name and price request parameters? (Choose two) 

A. <jsp:useBean id="product" class="com.example.Product" /> 

<jsp:setProperty name="product" property="*" /> 

B. <jsp:useBean id="product" class="com.example.Product" /> 

<% product.setName( request.getParameter( "name" ) ); %> 

<% product.setPrice( request.getParameter( "price" ) ); %> 

C. <jsp:useBean id="product" class="com.example.Product" /> 

<jsp:setProperty name="product" property="name" 

value="${param.name}" /> 

<jsp:setProperty name="product" property="price" 

value="${param.price}" /> 

D. <jsp:useBean id="product" class="com.example.Product"> 

<jsp:setProperty name="product" property="name" 

value="${name}" /> 

<jsp:setProperty name="product" property="price" 

value="${price}" /> 


Answer: AC 

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Q6. In a jsp-centric shopping cart application cart application to move a client’s home address of Customer object into the shipping address of the order object. The address data is stored in a value object class called Address with properties for: street address, city, province, country, and postal code. 

Which two code snippets can be used to accomplish this goal? 

A. <c:set var='order' property='shipAddress' value='${client.homeAddress}' /> 

B. <c:set target='${order}' property='shipAddress' value='${client.homeAddress}' /> 

C. <jsp:setProperty name='${order}' property='shipAddress' value='${client.homeAddress}' /> 

D. <c:set var='order' property='shipAddress'> <jsp:getProperty name='client' property='homeAddress' /> </c:store> 

E. <c:set target='${order}' property='shipAddress'> <jsp:getProperty name='client' property='homeAddress' /> </c:set> 

F. <c:setProperty name='${order}' property='shipAddress'> <jsp:getProperty name='client' property='homeAddress' /> </c:setProperty> 

Answer: BE


long age = // your code here 

Q8. Which two are true about the JSTL core iteration custom tags? (Choose two.) 

A. It may iterate over arrays, collections, maps, and strings. 

B. The body of the tag may contain EL code, but not scripting code. 

C. When looping over collections, a loop status object may be used in the tag body. 

D. It may iterate over map, but only the key of the mapping may be used in the tag body. 

E. When looping over integers (for example begin= ‘1’ end= ‘10’), a loop status object may not be used in the tag body. 

Answer: AC 

Q9. During initialization, a servlet finds that the database connection it requires is unavailable. As the system designer, you know that the database start up completes several minutes after the web-container initializes the servlet. How should this be handled? 

A. Retry the connection until it is successful, then allow the init () method to complete. 

B. Throw a ServletException 

C. Throw the IOException 

D. Throw an UnavailableException