Exam Code: 1Z0-432 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: PeopleSoft Payables 9.1 Essentials Exam
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 Dec 1Z0-432 question

Q1. Identify the root cause of Enqueue: CF - Contention inthis scenario. 

A. Root causeis a stalled LGWR due to LGWR waits Enqueue:CF contention is caused by the db filesequential reads 

B. Root causeis blocked LGWR due to LGWR waits LGWR waits ENQUEUE:CF contentionisasymptom of the db file scattered reads and excessive ITL waits 

C. Root causeis a blocked LGWR due to LGWR waits for enqueue:CF - contention, which may be held by another background process.Background process may hold a CF enqueue whileupdating the control file 

D. Root cause is blocked LGWR due to SCAN_LISTENERS(s) droppingclient connections during DoS event 


Q2. Which three options can be used for storing database files in an Oracle Real Application Clusters database? 

A. Shared disk partitions as raw devices 

B. Shared disks managed by Oracle Automatic Storage Manager (ASM) 

C. Localfile system 

D. Shared disk partitions as block devices 

E. Network file system (NFS) on a certified network-attached storage (NAS) filer 

F. Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System (ACFS) 

Answer: B,E,F 

Q3. You are managing a four node Oracle RAC environment.During amaintenancewindowit isrequired to shut down and restart RACinstances 2 and 4. Which option shows the required commands to accomplish this task? 

A)srvct1 stop instance –i racdb1 –d racdb srvct1 stop instance –d racdb –i racdb2 srvct1 start instance –d racdb –i racdb2 srvct1 start instance –i racdb –dracdb2 B)srvct1 stop instance –i racdb4–d racdb srvct1 stop instance –d racdb –i racdb2 srvct1 start instance –iracdb2 –d racdb srvct1 start instance –i racdb4–dracdb C)srvct1 stop instance –i racdb4–dracdb intermediate srvct1 stop instance –d racdb –i racdb2intermediate srvct1 start instance –iracdb2 –d racdb srvct1 start instance –i racdb4–d racdb D)srvct1 stop instance –i racdb –dracdb force srvct1 stop instance –d racdb2–i racdbforce srvct1 start instance –iracdb2 –d racdb srvct1 start instance –i racdb4–d racdb 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 


Q4. Identify three stages of recovery of Oracle RAC Database 12cR1,which can be done in parallel with RMAN's RESTORE and RECOVER commands 

A. Applying archived redo logs 

B. Applyingredo log files 

C. Applyingincremental backups 

D. Restoring data files 

E. Restoring SPFILE 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q5. The DISK_REPAIR_TIME attribute has expired after a transient disk error. What happens next? 

A. Nothing, it was only a warning. All the disks are OK 

B. This means that the disk is repaired and is put backinthe ASM disk group. 

C. Oracle ASM drops the disk. 

D. This means that Oracle will use ASM Fast Mirror Resync to sync the rest of the disks. 


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Q6. Your manager has tasked you with planning an Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12cR1 installation. Which threeactions must be performed before beginning theinstallation? 

A. All nodes are configured with the same operating system and version. 

B. Network interfaces are configured for public and private traffic. 

C. A valid voting disk fileis available on at least one node. 

D. Shared storage is available from allservers. 

E. Each public network interface has its own subnet 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q7. You are beginning the process of creating an Oracle ACFS volume.Which command creates an Oracle ACFS volume? 

A. asmcmd[ + ) >volcreate -G data -s 5Gvolume1 

B. asmcmd[ + ] >vol create -G data -s 5Gvolume1 

C. asmcmd[ + ] > alter diskgroup DATA create volume1size 5G; 

D. asmcmd[ + ] >createvol -G data -a 5G volume1 


Q8. The customeris stillnot convinced about the advantages ofusing node VIPs.Whichis the most importantpoint that willconvince him about why VIPs are usedinOracle RAC 12cR1environments? 

A. Itisvery convenient as whenever a node/interface/network related to the node VIPfails,the VIP can fail to another node and the failed over VIP can start accepting connections from the new node avoiding connection failures 

B. Thisis needed as whenever a node/interface/network related to the node VIP fails,clients that attempt to connect to the VIP address receive a rapid connection-refused errorinstead of waiting for TCP connecttimeout messages.This helps for a quicker failure detection and resolution 

C. Itis needed as whenever the node/interface/network related to the VIP fails, nothing happens and node VIP never fails to any other node and stays stable 

D. Configuring VIP is optional and not neededinan Oracle RAC 12cR1 configuration. 


Q9. The ACFS volume that contains video data needs a snapshot before a bulk load.Which 

creates a snapshot? 

A. $ acfsutil snap create snapshot_before_ load /adsmount/ads_vol1 

B. $ acfsutil create snap snapshot_before_load /adsmount/ads_voll 

C. $ acfsutil-c -s snapshot_before_load /adsmount/ads_vol1 

D. $ acfsutil-s -1 snapshot_before_load -v /adsmount/ads_vol1 


Q10. Which statement best describes the relationship between Flex Clusters and Flex ASM? 

A. There is no relationship, except that both have "Flex" in their names. 

B. AFlex Cluster requires Flex ASM, but Flex ASM does not require a Flex Cluster. 

C. Flex ASM requires a Flex Cluster, but a Flex Cluster does not require Flex ASM. 

D. Flex Clusters and Flex ASM always require each other.