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2021 Dec 1Z0-417 practice test

Q31. What are three activities an Oracle Database Performance and Tuning solution enables a customer to perform? 

A. standardize database troubleshooting and diagnostics 

B. control database clouds. 

C. automate database performance management 

D. perform global database backup 

E. outsource database operations 

F. replay and test actual workloads to assure database performance and consolidatios. 

Answer: C,D,E 

Q32. Which two statements are true about Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express? 

A. It uses internal infrastructure components, such as XDB and SQL*NET. 

B. It can perform actions inside and outside the database. 

C. Performance Hub and Composite Active Reports are its key functionalities. 

D. It is not supported on Oracle Standard Edition or Express Edition. 

E. It replaces Oracle Grid Control. 

Answer: A,C 


Q33. Which is a capability that Active Session History (ASH) reports enable you to perform? 

A. Compare database performance between two periods of time, and resolve performance degradation thatmay happen from one time period to another. 

B. Analyze transient performance problems with the database that are short-lived and do not appear in theADDM analysis. 

C. Optimize the performance of data access paths by creating the proper set of materialized views,materialized view logs, and indexes for a given workload. 

D. Analyze transient performance problems that have happened in the database since it has been started. 


Q34. A customer asked you about Database Time (DB Time). Which are two correct statements you would include in your description of it? 

A. It is the total time spent in database calls by all sessions in the database. 

B. It is the total time spent in database calls by foreground sessions in the database. 

C. It is the total time spent in database calls by background sessions in the database. 

D. It includes non-idle wait time. 

E. It is the overall response time. 

F. It includes login, idle, background, and Zombie session wait time. 

Answer: B,C 

Q35. Which option do customers need to license in order to implement SQL Performance Analyzer and Database Replay functionalities? 

A. Oracle Database Diagnostics Pack for Oracle Database 

B. Oracle Database Replay and Testing Suite 

C. Oracle SQL Developer 

D. Oracle Real Application Testing 

E. Oracle SQL Tuning Pack for Oracle Database 



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Q36. Which are two kinds of statistics collected and processed by the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) you would utilize when tuning an Oracle Database instance? 

A. Wait Event statistics 

B. Session and System statistics 

C. User privileges statistics 

D. Standby Database throughput statistics 

E. Interconnect statistics 

Answer: A,D 


Q37. To analyze all database instances in an Oracle Real Application Cluster, in which mode would you run Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor? 









Q38. Select two scenarios that an Oracle Database Performance and Tuning solution implementation addresses. 

A. After migration off a legacy system, an ERP team complains that they have no ability to isolate performanceproblems in the new distributed Oracle Database architecture. 

B. An HR Team claims that it can hire staff fast enough to meet business demands. 

C. Development Team members demand that their SQL should run fast while the DBAs blame SQL as theroot of performance issues. 

D. To prepare for an upcoming code audit, developers need to review their SQL and PL/SQL code for syntaxand runtime errors. 

E. Systems and Storage teams report that over the past 12 month, it is taking 40% longer time to back up theservers with Oracle databaseson them. 

Answer: B,C 

Q39. Which three are controllable by a resource plan, when you are using the Oracle Database 12c Multitenant option? 


B. concurrent sessions 


D. network I/O 

E. ability to use parallel server processes 

F. use of SGA memory and ability to allocate PGA 

Answer: A,B,E 

Explanation: Section: (none) Explanation 

Q40. For which use case would you utilize SQL Performance Analyzer and optimizer pending statistics functionality? 

A. to test performance after an upgrade to an Oracle Real Application Cluster 

B. to test performance of an Operating System patch 

C. to test effect of new Optimizer statistics 

D. to test performance after a database upgrade 

E. to test performance just after a database reboot