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Q41. Upon implementation completion, which three should be reviewed with a customer to confirm the values or benefits of a Oracle Database Performance and Tuning solution? 

A. real-time and historical monitoring capabilities 

B. non-intrusive metric collections 

C. statspack integration and support 

D. integration with Enterprise Manager 

E. included scripts for querying X$ and V$ views 

F. SQL script code management capabilities 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q42. Which two would automatically create an entry inV$SQL_MONITOR? 

A. a parallelized SQL statement 

B. any SQL statement run 

C. any DML statement 

D. a statement that consumes at least 1 second of CPU or I/O time. 

E. a statement that consumes at least 5 second of CPU or I/O time. 

F. any DDL statement 

Answer: C,F 


Q43. What two statements are true when you are using SQL Tuning Advisor and create a SQL Profile to improve performance of a SQL statement issued by a packaged application? 

A. You need to regularly run SQL Tuning Advisor to verify if the SQL Profile can be replaced with a better one. 

B. After a SQL Profile is created, it will then run efficiently for the life of the database. 

C. The SQL Profile rewrites the SQL Statement issued by theapplication so it appears to the Optimizer as aperfectly written SQL statement. 

D. You can have only one SQL Profile active at one time for a single SQL statement. 

E. You need Oracle Database 12c or later to use SQL Profiles. 

F. SQL Profiles can be used for non-Oracle databases like Microsoft SQL Server, if the Tuning Pack islicensed. 

Answer: A,E 

Q44. Which one would SQL Access Advisor use as input to provide a recommendation on a partition or index? 

A. SQL Tuning Advisor 

B. Automatic Workload Repository 

C. Automatic Diagnostic Monitor 

D. SQL Tuning SetE. SQL Error 

Answer: A 

Q45. At the IT Manager request, you are reviewing the databases that the DBA has implemented. You findSTATISTICS_LEVELconfigured asBASIC. What finding do you report back to the IT Manager? 

A. The configuration of their databases is set up to also provide timed Operating System statistics and planexecution statistics. 

B. The configuration of their databases is incorrect and should be set toNOT_TYPICAL. 

C. The configuration of their databases has disabled collection of important statistics required for OracleDatabase functionality. 

D. The configuration of their databases needs to be set toALLto enable collection of Operating System, Middleware, and storage statistics. 

Answer: C

Up to the immediate present 1Z0-417 free practice test:

Q46. Reviewing Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) reports for CPU and I/O exceptions, the time model displays SQL execution elapsed time as a major component of DB Time. Which two are next steps to diagnose the problem further? 

A. Review Operating System processes for any zombies. 

B. Review SQL statistics from the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR). 

C. Run a STATSPACK report. 

D. Review Automatic Database Diagnostic (ADDM) recommendations. 

E. Review all system configuration parameters. 

Answer: C,D 

Q47. Which three are SQL Performance Analyzer capabilities that enable forecasting impact of system changes on a SQL workload? 

A. measuring performance before and after the change 

B. generating a list of SQL Hints that the Optimizer will use to improve overall performance 

C. identifying the SQL statements that regressed or improved 

D. providing tuning recommendations for each SQL statement that is regressed 

E. measuring performance and comparing to industry benchmarks (TPC-C, TPC-D) 

F. measuring a change in user session logins 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q48. A customer not familiar with Active Session History (ASH) asked you what it was used for. Which are two statements you can use to accurately describe (ASH) capabilities? 

A. It enables you to conduct performance analysis of long-running sessions. 

B. It enables you to conduct performance analysis of transient issues. 

C. In memory, active sessions are sampled every second. 

D. It accesses database kernel structures indirectly via the buffer cache. 

E. It enables you to look at all database sessions since the database was created. 

Answer: A,C 


Q49. Starting with Oracle Database 11gR2, which are two additional partitioning capabilities that aid Oracle Database Performance and Tuning? 

A. Hash Partitioning 

B. Reference Partitioning 

C. Composite Partitioning 

D. Interval Partitioning 

E. Disk Partitioning 

Answer: C,D 

Q50. Which are two characteristics of “invisible” index functionality that would help tune a database having thousands of legacy indexes? 

A. An invisible index is ignored by the optimizer. 

B. After an index becomes invisible, it is no longer maintained during insertsand updates. 

C. I/O bottlenecks are easy to spot when invisible indexes are used. 

D. An index only needs to be rebuilt for it to be visible again. 

E. The session or system parameter needs to be changed toOPTIMIZER_USE_INVISIBLE_INDEXEStoTRUEfor an invisible index to become visible to the Optimizer. 

Answer: A,E